Development and land use proposals on properties are required to be assessed and approved via a Development Application. All Development Applications are assessed against the Town of Bassendean’s Local Planning Scheme No. 10 and relevant State and Local Planning Policies.

Development Application Requirements

Generally, an application for development approval will be required for proposals involving:

  • construction of buildings/dwellings
  • changing the use of a building/premises
  • increasing the floor area of an existing structure
  • additions and alterations to existing dwellings
  • non-residential developments
  • lapsed development approvals (approvals are valid for two years, after which a new application must be submitted if not substantially commenced)
  • places with heritage significance
  • demolition of places listed as being of heritage significance
  • non-complying front fencing (with the Town’s Policy)
  • retaining walls (over 500mm in height)
  • excavation in the front setback area (over 500mm)

Note: Applications are not required for development that meets the requirements of Cl.61 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015. 

Development Application Form
Development Application Plans Request Form
MRS Form 1
Fees and Charges

Asset Services Application for Permits

Credit Card Authorisation Form

Important Information - Lodging Development Applications During COVID-19

As of 23 March 2020, the Town’s Customer Service Centre will be closed.  To lodge development applications or for written planning enquiries, please email applications to For payment of your application, please complete the credit card authorisation form and submit with your application.

For general enquiries, please call 9377 8000.  Your call will be forwarded to an available planner as soon as possible.

The Town will endeavour to process your application as soon as possible, however, please be aware that some delays may occur during this period.

Local Development Plans

Local Development Plan (LDPs) were formerly referred to as Detailed Area Plans (DAPs) and are an important planning tool that can include specific residential design requirements that supplement the provisions of State Planning Policy 7.3 – Residential Design Codes.  The Town’s adopted LDP’s are as follows:

The Park Estate Local Development Plan
Lot 3 Morley Drive Local Development Plan

Tree Protection

The Town has a range of policies relating to the preservation of trees both within the verge and on development sites.

Council Policy 1.8 - Significant Tree Policy

Council Policy 1.9 - Verge Treatment and Maintenance Policy

Council Policy 1.10 - Street Tree Protection

Council Policy 1.11 - Street Tree Pruning, Removal and Replacement Policy

Council Policy 1.12 - Amenity Tree Evaluation

Council Policy 1.14 - Dangerous Trees on Private Property

Local Planning Scheme No. 10 also contains provisions relating to Tree Preservation, including the ability for Council to order the preservation and maintenance of trees via tree preservation orders.

Register of Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Order Information Sheet and Application Form