Trees and Verges

Trees on Public Property


Trees on Private Property

Trees on Public Property

Trees significantly enhance our quality of life in the urban environment. Not only do trees provide habitat, moderate climate, improve air quality and reduce stormwater runoff, they also offer social, environmental and economic benefits throughout their lifetime.

Street Tree Pruning and Removal

The Town is responsible for maintaining street trees. Maintenance of street trees is only permitted to be undertaken by the Town or by a suitably qualified arborist approved by the Town.

The Town will normally only remove street trees if the tree is dead, diseased, structurally unsound to the extent it presents a danger to the community, is declared as a noxious weed by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development or has no ecological or amenity value.

Further information on street trees is available in the Street Tree Policy:

Street and Reserve Trees Policy

Tree Planting Program

The Town undertakes street tree planting annually.  To maximise the survival rate, each tree will be staked and planted in a basin with a layer of mulch. We will water the trees during the first two summers and residents are encouraged to water them too.

The planting season runs during the cooler months when young trees are more likely to establish well in their new environment, typically from June until September.

Request a Verge Tree

Celebration Trees

The Town facilitates the placement of celebration trees/ tree memorials as outlined in the Celebration Trees Council Policy. This is subject to an application and payment of costs as per the Annual Fees and Charges as of the date of planting.

For further details please refer below.

Application for a Celebration Tree

Celebration Trees Council Policy

Verge Planting

The Town encourages the development and maintenance of environmentally sustainable verge treatments.

The verge is a valued public space and to achieve the maximum potential of this space for the community, and your valued contribution in landscaping and maintaining the verge is encouraged.

These guidelines encourage you to install verge treatments within our community which:

  • reduce water use within the verge
  • decrease the urban heat island effect
  • provides a habitat for fauna and improves biodiversity
  • creates a sense of community and place
  • adds to the amenity of the local area
  • increases water infiltration and reduces stormwater runoff
  • improves soil quality and the health of street trees.

Verge Policy

Verge Planting Guidelines