Tree Canopy

Protection and enhancement of tree canopy has been identified by the local community as a priority, supported by the Strategic Community Plan and several council policies and planning documents. 

Tree Canopy Action Plan

In July 2023, Council adopted the Tree Canopy Action Plan 2023 - 2027. The Plan includes 26 existing and 15 new actions to be implemented over four years, relating to tree protection, tree management, strategic planning, partnerships and advocacy, community awareness, programs, monitoring, and review.

Street and Reserve Tree Policy and Celebration Trees Policy

The Street and Reserve Tree Council Policy sets a target to increase tree canopy cover to 30% by 2040 and aims to provide a consistent approach to the care, control and management of trees on land vested with or managed by the Town of Bassendean. The Celebration Trees Council Policy aims to provide consistent and effective administration in relation to requests for the planting of celebration trees. Visit the Trees & Verges webpage for request forms and more information. 

Trees on Private Property

Local Planning Scheme No. 10 contains provisions relating to tree preservation, including the ability for Council to order the preservation and maintenance of trees via Tree Preservation Orders and the implementation of Local Planning Policy No. 13 – Tree Retention and Provision. 

The Town supports the maintenance of significant trees (subject to a Tree Preservation Order) on private property. Eligible residents can apply to receive an additional FOGO bin at no charge, to assist with debris management. Visit the Trees on Private Property webpage for nomination forms and more information.  

For more information about tree canopy in the Town, please contact Sustainability and Environment on 08 9377 8095. 

Benefits of Trees