Modern Cloth Nappy & Sanitary Products Rebate

The Town is providing the opportunity for residents to receive a rebate on the purchase of modern cloth nappies and reusable sanitary products. Despite initial costs, these items lead to long-term savings and environmental benefits.

Research shows cloth nappies can potentially last through raising multiple children. Likewise, just a single reusable sanitary pad can be used enough times to equal roughly 540 disposable pads or tampons – That’s a lot of money saved, and a lot of plastic avoided!

Despite water and detergent use, reusable products still have a much lower environmental impact than disposable options.

Terms & Conditions

The rebate is limited to up to half (50%) of the purchase cost of:
• Reusable cloth nappies and products (wetbags, re-usable inserts) – Rebate maximum $100.00
• Reusable sanitary products (pads, underwear, cup or similar) – Rebate maximum $50.00

Only one rebate per household/ family is permitted, and applications must be submitted within 12 months of the purchase. Rebates are available subject to remaining annual budget.

To be eligible for this rebate you must:

  1. Be a Town of Bassendean resident at the time of purchase and application submission
  2. Have not previously successfully applied for this rebate
  3. Provide proof of address
  4. Provide proof of purchase (receipt, email, screen capture or similar) showing:
    1. Date of purchase (must be within past 12 months)
    2. Cost and details of items purchased
  5. Provide bank account details for payment of the approved rebate
  6. Purchase one of the following products:
    1. Reusable cloth nappies and products (wetbags and re-usable inserts)
    2. Reusable sanitary product (pads, underwear, cup or similar)

How to apply

To register your interest for the rebate please complete the application form below and send together with your proof of address and purchase receipts to [email protected] or call (08) 9377 8095.

Rebate Application Form - Cloth Nappies & Sanitary Items

The Town strongly encourages participants to attend a workshop as we want to make sure you have the best opportunity for success in using your new nappies. Please visit the below page to find your nearest workshop.

Nearby Modern Cloth Nappy Workshops | Eventbrite

Helpful Resources

Australian Nappy Association

Clean Cloth Nappies

Guide to Purchasing Modern Cloth Nappies

Comparing Different Period Underwear

Compost, Worm Farm & Bokashi Subsidy

The Town provides a subsidy to its residents to encourage home composting and the improvement of local soils. The following systems can be purchased through the Town at 40% of their retail value by contacting Environment House.

Product Product Page Cost after Subsidy

Bokashi Composting System
+ 1kg Bokashi Mix included for residents

Bokashi Composting System (
Compost Bin, 220L
Compost bin 220L black (
Worm Farm
+ 1kg Worms included for residents
Tumbleweed Worm Cafe (

To purchase one of the above systems with the subsidy please call Environment House on (08) 9271 4488

In order to be eligible for the subsidy you must be a Town of Bassendean resident. A limit of one system per household applies.

Helpful Resources

Bokashi composting


Worm farming

Sustainability Workshops

Please see the Town's What's on page for the most up to date information about upcoming workshops.  You can also visit the Town's Eventbrite page and follow it for notifications about upcoming environment and sustainability events.

Events Calendar » Town of Bassendean

Town of Bassendean Events | Eventbrite

WA Tree Festival 2024 

For further information about any upcoming environmental sustainability workshops please email [email protected]

Switch Your Thinking (SYT)

SYT is a Local Government initiative that aims to support the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global efforts to secure a safe climate. As a SYT member council, residents of the Town can access a number of benefits including free workshops and the Rewards for Residents program.

You can visit the SYT website for more information here:

Rewards for Residents

Rewards for Residents supports you to make your home more sustainable. Switch Your Thinking offers member council residents discounts on products that will help you to cut waste and reduce energy and water use such as solar panels and batteries, rainwater tanks, insulation paint, compost bins, worm farms, e-bike accessories and soil amendments.

All you have to do is check the available products on the website below, call the relevant business and mention Switch Your Thinking to claim the discount.

Rewards for Residents | Switch Your Thinking

Energy Smart SMS

Switch Your Thinking delivers a monthly SMS tip providing simple ways residents can reduce their use of electricity. Registration for the tips is free and simple and participants can opt out at any time. Results from the innovative Switched on Homes trial revealed energy efficiency tips received by SMS can help residents reduce their electricity use by 6 percent. 

Energy Efficiency SMS | Switch Your Thinking

Containers for Change

Every year in WA we use 1.3 billion drink containers. Help WA recycle more and start cashing in your containers for a 10 cent refund. This is a great way to teach kids about the value of recycling, use the cash as pocket money or donate to a local charity. Eligible containers can be cashed in at a local Containers for Change refund point, see the link below to find your nearest location.

Nearest Containers for Change Locations

Container Cradles and Baskets

In September 2022 a number of public bins were installed with Containers for Change Cradles and Baskets that allow passerbys to either leave or pick up refundable drink containers that would otherwise go in the bin.

Environment House

Located next to Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary, Environment House is an important community led initiative, Shop Front and Environmental Education Centre.

Visit their website or shop to learn about how to transform your garden into a wildlife sanctuary or browse their many earth friendly products, from keep cups and reusable grocery bags to eco friendly home and personal care.

Earth Carers

Delivered by the EMRC, the Earth Carers course teaches participants practical ways of reducing waste at home and in the community. Learn about the nitty gritty of your waste, where it goes and how to reduce your planet footprint. The course is free for Town of Bassendean residents to attend.

To register your interest, visit the website below:

Earth Carers » Perth's Eastern Region (

Repair Café Bassendean

Since its beginnings in 2018, Repair Café Bassendean has successfully repaired over 1000 items with 83% of items received being successfully repaired. Visitors will find tools and materials to help make any repairs they need, on clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, toys, and much more. Give your items a second life and visit the skilled and friendly members of the Repair Café Bassendean.

Waterwise offers

The Water Corporation provides services and rebates for Customers in the Perth metro area to encourage the adoption of waterwise gardens.

Visit their website for more information:

Water Saving Offers – Water Corporation of WA

Sustainable Transport

The Town of Bassendean aims to connect the Town through a safe and inviting walking and cycling network and enhance the liveability of local neighbourhoods.

Whitfield Safe Active Street

Whitfield Street in Bassendean became a Safe Active Street, safely linking people along a 2.3 km stretch from Guildford Road to Sandy Beach and promoting a new shared street space. The introduction of a 30km/hr speed limit provides walkers, riders and drivers a safer, quieter space to move, encouraging people to jump on their bikes and or walk to local sites. 

Safe Active Streets Program (

Your Move

Your Move is a free program run by the Department of Transport that supports individuals, schools and workplaces to start swapping a few car trips each week for walking, riding a bike or catching public transport.

Find out what's on in your local area and discover what other people are doing to get more active as part of their daily routine. Visit Your Move to get moving!

Map Your Move - Bassendean Area Map

Going single-use plastic free

Why is this important?

Plastic polymers do not biodegrade, but rather break down into smaller and smaller pieces that cannot be seen by the unaided eye. Micro-plastics build up in the environment and accumulate in the food chain.

In many marine environments plastic is now more common than food, with many wildlife filling their stomachs with plastic and starving to death.

Eliminating the use of unnecessary plastic is everyone’s responsibility.

What can be used instead of plastic?

Alternatives to single-use plastics

If you need this

Try this first...

...and then try this


Reusable mugs and cups provided and a wash station set up on site.

Patrons encouraged to bring their own mug or coffee cup

Certified Compostable cups (Industrial-AS4736 or Home-AS5810) made from paper

Plates and bowls

Patrons BYO plate/bowl

Re-usable crockery or re-usable plastic wares provided by vendors and washed on site.

Compostable plates and bowls made from uncoated paper, wood, wheat or bamboo


Reusable cutlery provided and wash stations set up on site.

Patrons encouraged to bring their own reusable cutlery

Compostable uncoated paper, wood, wheat or bamboo cutlery


Water bottles

Drinking water facilities are made available on site

Patrons can bring their own bottle & refill on site

Reusable bottles available for purchase at the event


Paperboard cartons Aluminium or steel cans


Patrons encouraged to bring their own straw

Stainless steel straws to be washed and re-used.

Paper straws


Patrons encouraged to bring their own reusable bag

Vendors sell re-usable bags

Paper bags

Compostable bags



Provide a condiment station where people can apply sauces directly to their meal.

Provide condiments in compostable packaging such as paper/bamboo tray

Cling wrap

Airtight containers

Silicone food wraps

Glass jars for food storage

Sandwich pockets

Bees wax wraps

Compostable plant based soft plastic packaging and cling film.

Baking paper

Where can I find out more?

If you are a café that would ordinarily accept reusable coffee cups and you would like to continue accepting them, please see the Boomerang Alliance A cafe owner's guide to using reusable foodware during Covid-19.

Contact the Town's Recycling & Waste Services Team on 9377 8000 or view the policy and guidance document below:

Council Policy 2.15 Single Use Plastics & Balloons

Guide for Eliminating Single Use Plastics

Helping you transition

Through its partnership with the EMRC, the Town can provide residents free loan of a party box which includes 48 sets of kids plates, cups, cutlery and napkins. A 15L cooler drink mug, cake slicer, serving platters, 2x 4.5m cloth bunting and a ‘Happy Birthday’ ground spike also included.

To hire, contact EMRC Waste Education on (08) 9424 2271 or [email protected]. Loan boxes can be collected from the EMRC.

Plastic Free July

The Town encourages residents to participate in Plastic Free July each year to eliminate single use plastic. You can start small by eliminating your 3 most frequently used items such as, coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery, straws or plastic packaging.

Visit the Plastic Free Foundation for more information and how to participate.

WA Plan for Plastics

The WA State Government has released Western Australia’s Plan for Plastics. Single-use plastic or disposable items will be banned in a phased approach from January 2022 - December 2025.

    Banned from 1 July 2022:

    • all plastic shopping bags with handles
    • disposable plastic utensils - straws, stirrers and cutlery
    • disposable plastic foodware without lids - plates, bowls and food containers
    • expanded polystyrene food containers and trays
    • balloon releases are also banned from 1 July 2022; however, balloons are not banned.

    Banned from 1 October 2022:

    • disposable plastic cups for cold drinks

    From 1 September 2023:

    • loose-fill expanded plastic packaging
    • EPS cups and EPS trays for raw meat and seafood
    • degradable plastics
    • disposable cotton buds with plastic stems
    • microbeads in rinse-off personal care, cosmetic and cleaning products

    From 1 March 2024:

    • disposable plastic coffee cups
    • disposable plastic cup lids (for hot or cold drinks)
    • disposable plastic trays for takeaway or eat-in food

    From 1 September 2024:

    • disposable plastic produce bags used for fresh unpackaged fruit and vegetables
    • disposable plastic lids for bowls, trays and containers used for takeaway or eat-in food
    • disposable plastic lidded bowls, trays and containers used for takeaway or eat-in food

    From 1 July 2025:

    • moulded or cut expanded plastic packaging

    For more detailed information or to read the WA Plan for Plastics visit their website:

    Western Australia's Plan for Plastics | Western Australian Government (

    Home | WA Plastics Ban (

    WA Plastics Guide for Businesses (

    Plants to Residents Program

    The Town of Bassendean runs an annual Plants to Residents program, where residents can purchase up to 20 native, water wise plants at a subsidised rate of $1 each through EnviroHouse. Plants available will be a mixture of trees, shrubs and smaller plants suitable for verge planting. Please note that there will only be one weekend when plants can be collected, and any plants not collected will be forfeited. Key dates for the 2024 Plants to Residents Program include:

    • April 27th 4:30pm-8:30pm: The 2024 Plants to Residents Program officially launches at the April Bassendean Markets. Come down to BIC reserve to grab your plant vouchers and a selection of early release plants, stay to enjoy the twilight markets to enjoy food trucks, stalls and live music.
    • April 30th: Plant vouchers go on sale online, in person or over the phone through EnviroHouse (details below)
    • May 1st 1pm-2:30pm: Plants to Residents voucher sale on the lawn outside 48 Old Perth Road
    • May 25th and 26th: Plant collection days, come down during your pre booked collection time to get you native plants. Please remember to bring your proof of residence and plant voucher when you collect your plants. Please note that there will only be one weekend when plants can be collected, and any plants not collected will be forfeited.
    • May 26th 12 noon - 2pm:  Excess and unclaimed plants will be available for purchase following the main collection event.

    Enviro House | (08) 9271 4488
    125 King William Street, Bayswater

    Open Hours

    Tuesday – Friday: 9am–1pm
    Saturday: 10am–1pm
    First Saturday of the month 10am-3pm to with our Share & Repair session 2pm–3pm.

    EnviroHouse is also offering two workshops to assist residents in creating waterwise verge gardens:

    This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation’s Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for Town of Bassendean to be a leading waterwise city.

    Verge Rebate Program

    The Town of Bassendean is offering a limited number of rebates for residents who transform their verge from grass or hardstand to waterwise verges. Applications for the rebate open on 17 April 2024. Rebates of up to $500 will be available to eligible residents.

    Program Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

    • The verge makeover must comply with the Town’s Verge Treatment Policy and Verge Treatment Guidelines.
    • The applicant must be a Town of Bassendean property owner or strata company. Currently no applications will be accepted from tenants.
    • If your verge area is greater than 20 m2, the minimum verge area to be transformed is 20 m2. If your verge area is less than 20 m2, your transformation must cover the entire verge, excluding a place for bins. Residents can use the Town’s online mapping tool to measure their verge area.
    • Corner blocks may apply, the area to be transformed on at least one of the verges must be over 20m2
    • Battle-axe developments and strata complex or grouped dwellings where the verge is shared can apply for the rebate, but the applicant must have written support from the property owners sharing the verge, stating that they support the transformation. This letter of support must be submitted to the Town by the property owners who share the verge or the strata company, not the applicant.
    • The current verge must not be an existing native/waterwise garden.
    • The verge either needs to have a street tree(s) or leave space(s) for a street tree(s) to be installed. The requirement for a street tree(s) will be discussed with the resident upon acceptance of their application.
    • Successful applicants must remove grass or hard surfaces prior to planting, complete all works and submitted the rebate information before 1 September 2024. NOTE: Any applicants accepted into the program who do not complete the transformation by 1 September 2024 will not be able to participate in the program again for the following two years.
    • Successful applicants must include 5 to 10 cm of coarse mulch (woodchip or tree prunings) and waterwise plants (local native plants preferred). The Water Corporation's Waterwise Plant Directory and the Town’s Verge Treatments Guidelines provide information on some suitable plants.
    • The rebate can be applied to the hire of contract services and purchase of materials for the verge transformation (e.g. plants, mulch, fertiliser). The rebate cannot be applied to the purchase of equipment (e.g. shovels) used to undertake the transformation.
    • The number of rebates is limited, residents will be notified via email if their application is successful, and the steps required to complete the rebate process.

    The Town encourages residents to get together with their neighbours to transform verge areas in their street into beautiful waterwise gardens. If a group of neighbours wishes to undertake their verge transformations together, they can apply for a Community Grant of up to $2,000 dollars, please complete a Community Grant Application and contact [email protected] to discuss your group transformation project.

    If you are looking for inspiration, consider joining the Waterwise Verge and Micro Wetland tour of Eden Hill tour of Sunday April 14.

    EnviroHouse is also running a verge design workshop on May 5 2pm to 4pm, tickets are $10, bookings are essential Designing Your Waterwise Verge for Town of Bassendean Residents | Humanitix

    This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation’s Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for Town of Bassendean to be a leading waterwise city.