Development Assessment Panels

The Town of Bassendean forms part of the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (DAP).  DAPs will meet and determine development applications within certain class and value thresholds set in the DAP regulations. There are three types of DAP applications:

Mandatory Application

These are developments of a value threshold of $10 million or more.

Optional Applications

Optional applications apply to a proposed development that has an estimated construction cost between $2 million and $10 million in value. In this circumstance, the applicant may choose to use the DAP process or have their application determined by the Town (and/or the Western Australian Planning Commission, if applicable).

Amended or Cancelled Applications

There may be occasions where the DAP development approval which was granted will need to be amended, such as extending the approval timeframe, amended or deleting conditions or cancelling the approval.  For applications to amend or cancel an application, written justification must be provided outlining the reasons for the request in addition to normal information requirements.

Relevant Forms

DAP Application Form 1

DAP Application Form 2

DAP Fee Schedule

Presentation Request Form

Current Applications

There are no current JDAP applications.

Scheduled Meetings

All DAP meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend to view proceedings. If you wish to make a presentation to the DAP, you are required to complete the presentation request form and email it at least 72 hours before the DAP meeting. If presentation approval is obtained, each presentation is to be a maximum of five minutes, unless the Presiding Member allows for an extension of time.

There are no meetings currently scheduled. 

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes of DAP meetings are available below.

Agendas and Minutes



30 August 2012 Agenda 30 August 2012 Minutes
29 April 2013 Agenda 29 April 2013 Minutes

9 December 2013 Agenda
9 December 2013 Attachment 1
9 December 2013 Attachment 2
9 December 2013 Attachment 3

9 December 2013 Minutes
9 February 2015 2015 Agenda 9 February 2015 Minutes
15 May 2015 Agenda 15 May 2015 Minutes
23 June 2015 Agenda 23 June 2015 Minutes
6 October 2016 Agenda 6 October 2016 Minutes
29 May 2017 Agenda 29 May 2017 Minutes
21 August 2017 Agenda 21 August 2017 Minutes
11 September 2017 Agenda 11 September 2017 Minutes
25 January 2018 Agenda 25 January 2018 Minutes
8 February 2018 Agenda 8 February 2018 Minutes
31 October 2018 Agenda 31 October 2018 Minutes
27 November 2018 Agenda 27 November 2018 Minutes
28 October 2019 Agenda 28 October 2019 Minutes
14 October 2020 Agenda 14 October 2020 Minutes