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Sponsorship and Grants 

The Town of Bassendean is proud to introduce a Sponsorship and Grants program that will support projects that make a significant contribution to the Town and its residents.

Eligible applicants may receive funding of up to $2000 to help deliver activities that promote a vibrant, connected and inclusive community.

Whilst there is no closing date for submissions, there are limited funds available so grants will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Sponsorship and Grants program enables the Town to collaborate with local groups, organisations, individuals and local business to deliver initiatives that increase social cohesion, promote inclusion, and deliver economic and environmental benefits in line with the following Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 objectives:

  • Establishing partnerships with the community
  • Building capacity and connection
  • Being innovative in responses to sustainability challenges
  • Supporting the local economy


Who Can Apply?

Grants are available to community groups, organisations, individuals, local schools and business with the purpose of delivering specific, mutually agreed outcomes.

What do we Support?

Grants will support community projects, programs, events, and other initiatives that align with the Town’s Strategic objectives and fall under any of the following categories:

  1. Business Development: supports projects that benefit the Town’s economy, generate employment opportunities, and contribute to a sustainable and vibrant community.
  2. Community Connections: supports projects that promote social connection, foster a sense of pride and belonging, and celebrate community culture and diversity.
  3. Environment and Sustainability: supports projects that have direct and ongoing benefits to the natural environment.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Eligible applications must relate to a future event, initiative, project or works within the Town (no retrospective funding applications will be considered), and:

  • Must first be discussed with relevant Town staff to assess suitability
  • Demonstrate the full cost of the initiative, including other contributions and in-kind support
  • Demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to deliver the proposal against key assessment criteria
  • Include all relevant documentation and provide evidence of having obtained (or in the process of obtaining) the necessary approvals, licenses and permits to deliver the proposed initiative
  • Include a detailed plan for addressing disability access and inclusion, where applicable.
  • Submit a detailed risk assessment and management plan, including the patron and community safety strategies that will be implemented
  • Demonstrate the applicant’s capacity and financial viability to plan, deliver, manage and coordinate all aspects of the proposal, including the submission of a detailed implementation plan and budget
  • Demonstrate how key outcomes and achievements will be measured against the required assessment criteria.

Who is deemed Ineligible?

Applications for funding will be ineligible if they are lodged by:

  • A government agency (Local, State, Federal)
  • A Town employee
  • A close relative of a Town employee
  • An applicant that has previously received funding and failed to provide satisfactory acquittal reporting
  • An applicant that has received community funding in the past six months
  • An applicant that is not in good standing with the Town, both financially (outstanding debts) and with regards to values and behaviours

The Town will not fund applications deemed as business as usual activities, projects that rely on recurrent funding, or projects already financially supported by the Town.

How to Apply?

Before applying, please contact the Town using the contact details provided to discuss your project. This step ensures projects are suitable as well as enabling connections between the Town and community.

You will be required to submit a completed online application form as well as: 

  • Your most recent budget
  • An Implementation Plan detailing the people involved in the project and key activities and dates
  • Any approvals obtained or in the process of applying for
  • A Risk Management Plan (where required) outlining the considerations given to risks, issue management and community safety strategies to be implemented
  • A description of how you will manage disability access and inclusion
  • Where applicable, Certificate of Incorporation, ABN etc.
  • Any other relevant information.

How will the application be assessed?

We are looking for projects that can demonstrate sustainability, meet the Town’s strategic objectives, and have strong stakeholder and community support, in addition to meeting one or more of the following outcomes:

  1. Environmental and Sustainability: addressing and achieving the One Planet Living principles 
  2. Cultural: aligning with the Town’s Arts and Cultural Plan and Cultural Outcomes
  3. Social: delivering a social dividend
  4. Place: activating private or public spaces with vibrant activity
  5. Business: supporting the local economy and providing opportunities for local employment

Once applications are received, eligible applications will be assessed by a panel before being approved by the Town CEO. Successful applicants will be notified within 21 working days of lodging a grant application and will be required to sign an agreement with the Town outlining the terms and conditions for funding.

Successful applicants must provide an acquittal report within three months of the conclusion of the project, which will assist the Town to evaluate the initiative.

More Information

The Town reserves the right to revoke any grant provided if it is used for a purpose which conflicts with the Town’s mission and values or fails to meet the requirements outlined in the Community Funding Policy.

  • Applicants are not guaranteed funding and any grants approved cannot be guaranteed approval in future years.
  • Please see the Community Funding Policy for further information.


For more information please contact the Town on 9377 8000 or email


Other Sponsorship & Grants available

Dudley Robinson Youth Grant

This grant supports young people aged 12 to 25 to develop their potential in their chosen area of pursuit.

Dudley Robinson Youth Grant Application


KidSport enables eligible children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees.

More Information on Kidsport

Community Insurance

Under the Town’s Community Funding Policy, insurance may be provided to eligible community groups (excluding sporting clubs). Whilst insurance is primarily for established community groups located in the Town, consideration will also be given to community groups based outside of the Town that significantly contribute to the Town of Bassendean community and proposed community groups unable to deliver community-facing initiatives due to the costs of insurance.

Other eligibility requirements include:

  • Must have an annual turnover of less than $100,000
  • Must not be registered sole traders or businesses
  • Must not be able access insurance through an affiliate association or state/national body

For 2022, the Town has already confirmed insurance for community groups through an umbrella insurance arrangement which is due for renewal in the first quarter of 2023.

If you are a community group and would like to know more about insurance being provided to eligible community groups, please complete the EOI form -

Online Form - Umbrella Insurance Program Community Groups Expression of Interest (EOI) Form » Town of Bassendean