Waste and Recycling

Efficient recycling and rubbish disposal is provided to keep Bassendean clean and green.

Find Your Waste Collection Day

Bulk Rubbish & Green Waste

Recyclable Goods Drop off Mornings

Mobile Phone Recycling

On Call Collection Services

What goes in the Bins

Waste and Recycling Guide

Rubbish and Recycling Collection Days

Your rubbish bin is collected for emptying once a week and the recycling bin is collected for emptying once a fortnight. Please refer to your recycling calendar for the recycling week in your area. 

*** Your collection day may be rescheduled over Christmas Day/ Boxing Day/ New Years Day & Good Friday public holidays.

Find Your Waste Collection Day

Bulk Rubbish & Green Waste

Place your waste on the verge only on the indicated weekend set-out dates.


Bulk Rubbish

Green Waste


2-3/11/2019 2-3/5/2020


9-10/11/2019 9-10/5/2020


16-17/11/2019 16-17/5/2020


23-24/11/2019 23-24/5/2020


30-1/12/2019 30-31/5/2020

Recyclable Goods Drop Off Mornings

As part of the Town's commitment to strive for a sustainable environment and to reduce the hard waste that ends up in landfill, the Town will hold community recyclable goods drop off mornings on

Date: 26 October 2019 and  9 May 2020

Time: 9.00-12.00 noon     

Where: 69 Scaddan Street, Bassendean    

* You will need to bring ID on the day and proof  of your address as this is for Town of Bassendean residents only

Items accepted

Metals Bikes, Bbq's, metal bed frames, iron/tin sheeting, air con units, hot water systems, dismantled swings, trampolines, white goods

Any untreated timber- off cuts (no longer than 1.5m), crates (NO MDF, painted, stained or laminated cabinets or furniture accepted)

E-Waste TV's, computers, set-top boxes, monitors, keyboards, game consoles, speakers, stereo equipment, printers, scanners, photo copiers, DVD players, laptops, mobile phones, cameras
Cardboard Cardboard boxes, cartons & packing boxes ( NO plastic or polystyrene packaging)
Tyres Car, trailer, 4WD (off rims only) ( 4 per household)


No Asbestos No Carpet No Paint No Household hazardous waste
No Sofa or lounges No Glass panels No Green waste or household rubbish No Mattresses
No Furniture or cabinets No Gas cylinders No Polystyrene or PVC

No Commercial / Industrial or Construction waste

Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phones and batteries cannot be recycled in your normal Council recycling bin. However, they can be deposited in the library during opening hours (as well as used batteries, mobile batteries, printer cartridges, light globes and unwanted spectacles). You can also recycle mobile phones through retail outlets such as Optus World, Strathfield, etc. or through various charities such as Clean-Up Australia (freecall 1800 282 329) or Perth Zoo.

On Call Collection Services

Refrigerator/ Freezer Collection

A free refrigerator/freezer collection service is available for the residents of The Town of Bassendean, please call 9350 7195 to arrange. (residential properties only)

Residents are to place the refrigerator/freezer in an accessible location on council verge (door removed) on the day before collection or before 6.00am on collection day.

The Contractor for the Town of Bassendean is SUEZ Recycling & Recovery and they will phone the resident prior to the collection as a reminder.

Fridges do not need to be de-gassed.  

Mattress Collection

A free mattress collection service is available for the residents of the Town of Bassendean, please call 9350 7195 to arrange. (residential properties only) (3 per year / per household)

Residents are to place their mattress in an accessible location on council verge on the day before collection or before 6.00am on collection day.

The Contractor for the Town of Bassendean is SUEZ Recycling & Recovery

*** PLEASE NOTE - mattresses set out prior to your confirmed date may be considered littering and offenders may be infringed. (set outs are permitted within the 24hrs prior to your collection day).

On Call Collection Services

What goes in the Bins

Your Rubbish Bin

You can use your 240L rubbish bin for most normal household rubbish, up to a weight of 70kg.

Make sure to separate all recyclable items, they can go in your recycle bin otherwise they will end up going to landfill.

Please do not put any of the following in your bin:

  • Hot or burning ash
  • Oil, liquids of any kind, paint or solvents
  • Bricks, concrete, earth or similar substances
  • Car batteries

Your Recycling Bin

The following items CAN be placed in your recycling bin for fortnightly collection:

  • Glass bottles and jars (lids removed)
  • All plastic bottles, tubs and containers (no lids)
  • Cardboard boxes, paper ( NO shredded paper)
  • Cans - steel and aluminium only,  Cans must be clean and empty (no lids)

Remember not to put any plastic bags in your recycling bin, place all items loose in your recycling bin. All items should be clean, dry and empty with lids removed

Please do not put any of the following in your bin:


Nappies should only ever be disposed of in your general waste bin. With advancements in designs and technology, reusable nappies are now an affordable option and will present considerable annual cost savings compared with disposable nappies.

Soft plastics and plastic bags

Bubble wrap, chip packets and other scrunch-able items can all be set aside in a box or bag in your kitchen and then taken to major supermarkets to be recycled. For more details visit https://www.redcycle.net.au/.

Remember that the first best option is to avoid these types of waste in the first place. You can buy food in bulk and bring your own bags or containers, there are options for this right here in the Town of Bassendean.

Aluminium lined UHT containers

Unfortunately these containers have an aluminium lining inside which means they cannot be recycled in your recycling bin. Please place these containers into your general waste bin.

Garden waste or food waste

Garden and food waste should go into your general waste bin, or even better, set up a home compost, Bokashi or worm farm and recycle your organic waste. This is not only better for the environment but will also save space in your bin. Contact the Town’s Waste Services for more information on 9377 9030.

Gas bottles

When placed into your kerbside bin, gas bottles can explode and cause fires in trucks and waste facilities. Gas bottles are hazardous waste items and should be disposed of as such. Check out the EMRC’s R-Gang website for details about Hazardous waste and where to take it to be safely disposed of https://www.rgang.org.au/your-council/town-of-bassendean/household-hazardous-waste-disposal.aspx

Clothes or textiles

When placed in the recycling bin clothing can wrap around machinery at the recycling facility, causing delays and damage to equipment. If you have clothing or textiles that need a new home, take them to your local op shop or advertise them for sale online.

If your item has officially had its best days, dispose of it in your general waste bin.

Ropes, cables or garden hose pipes

Ropes, clothing or garden hoses are not recyclable in your kerbside recycling bin. These items are contaminants at recycling facilities as they are difficult to separate and damage equipment. Place any of these items into your general waste bin to be landfilled.

Recycling in WA has changed. All recycling facilities in WA will also no longer accept these items.

Soft "scrunchable" plastics

Like plastic bags, bubble wrap, lolly papers, chip packets, cereal bags

You can take all soft plastics to Redcycle bins in major supermarkets. These will be recycled into park equipment, bollards and other items

Aerosol cans

Aerosol cans are hazardous as they contain flammable liquids, which can cause fires and explosions at the recycling facility

Take your aerosol cans to Red Hill Waste Management Facility

Meat trays

Due to contamination of meat trays and the materials used to make them, they should be placed in your general waste bin.


Polystyrene is light and bulky

Please take polystyrene to Claw Environmental, 5 Forge St, Welshpool

When you put items that can't be recycled in your recycle bin it causes "contamination". Bins with high levels of contamination means the items can not be recycled and they end up in landfill.

 Waste and Recycling Guide

A printed Waste & Recycling Guide is delivered to each household in July each year.

Waste and Recycling Guide 2019/2020