Natural Environment and Sustainability Statement

In July 2020, Council adopted a new Strategic Community Plan (SCP), which defines the Town’s vision, aspirations and priorities for the next 10 years. It is the key guiding document that informs all other plans, strategies and policies and the Town’s actions and decisions.

One of the seven priority areas is “Leading environmental sustainability”, which seeks to demonstrate strong leadership in waste reduction and carbon neutrality, conserve, protect and enhance the natural environment and support the creation of a more green and shaded Town.

Whilst the SCP is a high-level, strategic document, it clearly demonstrates the Town’s desire to honour the principles of the One Planet Living framework and deliver a Town that is “Green and Natural” and “Sustainable”.

The Statement below outlines the Town's commitments, goals and associated strategies and actions relating to these outcomes, and how the community can contribute in the following areas:

  • Living more sustainably
  • Protect our waterways
  • Wildlife friendly gardens/ urban cooling
  • Events and volunteering.

Natural Environment and Sustainability Statement