Vision and Values

In 2020, we are updating our Strategic Community Plan, Vision and Values based on the feedback you gave us through Bassendream Our Future and the Community Survey.

In the meantime, here is our existing vision, plan and values:

Our Vision

‘A connected community, developing a vibrant and sustainable future that is built upon the foundations of our past.’

Strategic Community Plan

Strategic Community Plan

Our Values

Our values guide our behaviour and decision making as an organisation and how we strive to lead and serve our community.


Councillor, staff and volunteer contributions are vital in striving to meet our diverse community’s aspirations and well being. We will actively engage our community and seek their participation in planning that may impact on their future.


We strive to achieve the highest standards in local government and to consistently provide consultative, ethical and responsive services.


Preserving and communicating our shared history and heritage increases our capacity to balance today’s needs with the long-term interests of future generations.


Collaborative partnerships and regional cooperation increase value to our community and the East Metropolitan Region.

Sense of Place

We recognise that maintaining our natural environment is crucial to our future. We acknowledge that our community requires Council to preserve and enhance our streetscapes, built and natural environment, and to protect the Swan River as our greatest natural asset.