Strategic Planning

The State Government’s Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million land use planning and infrastructure frameworks aim to accommodate 3.5 million people by 2050, encouraging greater housing diversity to meet changing community needs.  Under this framework, the Town is required to deliver at least 4,150 new dwellings, increasing the population to approximately 24,300 people.  The Town is reviewing its current planning framework to support this growth, whilst still maintaining a liveable community, protecting our unique natural environment and heritage.  As part of the review of the current planning framework, the Town has evaluated the existing Local Planning Strategy for consistency with State Planning frameworks and alignment with the recent Bassendream our Future community engagement exercise. 

BassenDream our Future

BassenDream Our Future is the name of the Town’s community engagement project, which concluded in September 2019. The implementation of BassenDream Our Future was managed by consultants Creating Communities with support from Collaborative Place Design. It  comprised of multiple community engagement initiatives where local residents and stakeholders were able to share their ideas and have input into the development of a new vision for Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill, to inform the new Local Planning Framework.

BassenDream Engagement Report 

Bassendean Transport Study

Council resolved to undertake a Traffic and Transport Needs Assessment, to support the preparation of a new Local Planning Strategy for the district as well as informing the planning of transit-oriented development (TOD) around the Ashfield, Bassendean and Success Hill train stations. It was also intended to be used as an important document to advocate for strategic priorities.

The Local Integrated Transport Plan is also integral to informing the development of the new Local Planning Strategy, particularly given the important nexus between land use and transport. It is envisaged that the recommended strategies will be incorporated or reflected in the new Local Planning Strategy.

Local Integrated Transport Plan

Built Form and Character Study

The Built Form and Character Study provides guidance on shaping Bassendean's future built environment.  It catalogues the characteristics of buildings and places that are most valued and should be reflected in future development.  It will be used to inform the new Local Planning Strategy, especially in respect to better understanding the elements that have helped shape the built form and character of Bassendean.

Built Form and Character Study

Report of Review

On 28 April 2020, Council resolved to endorse the Report of Review required by Regulation 66 the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (the Regulations). That Report recommends that:

  • Local Planning Scheme No. 10 should be repealed and a new scheme prepared in its place; and
  • that the Local Planning Strategy for the Scheme should be reviewed.

The Report of Review was forwarded to the Western Australian planning Commission (WAPC) for its consideration and determination on 30 April 2020.

On 19 June 2020, the WAPC advised that it had considered the Report and agrees with the recommendations of the Report.  A copy of the Report and the Commission’s decision is available below.

Report of Review Document

WAPC Letter

Draft Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No. 11

Following the advice from the WAPC, the Town has progressed with the agreed actions, as guided by Part 3 (Local planning strategies) and Part 4 (Preparation or adoption of local planning scheme) of the Regulations, and has prepared a draft amended Local Planning Strategy and a new draft Local Planning Scheme No. 11 (LPS 11).

On 4 November 2020, Council resolved to adopt the draft Strategy and draft LPS 11 for the purposes of advertising. The draft documents are available below:

Draft Local Planning Strategy

Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 11

Draft Scheme Map

Special Council Meeting Agenda 4 November 2020

Special Council Meeting Minutes 4 November 2020

Before community consultation can occur, the WAPC needs to determine that the documents are acceptable to advertise. The WAPC may direct the Town to modify one or both documents prior to advertising. In addition, the draft Scheme is required to be referred to the Environmental Protection Authority and Heritage Council of Western Australia for review. 

The draft documents were submitted to the WAPC for assessment on 19 November 2021, with a response required by 18 February 2021. No response was received from the WAPC during this timeframe, however, on 30 March 2021, the Statutory Planning Committee of the WAPC resolved to request the Town modify the documents prior to future consideration by the WAPC. A copy of the Minutes is available here:

Statutory Planning Committee Minutes 30 March 2021

The Town is continuing to liaise with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to determine what specific modifications are required, and is currently awaiting feedback. Once feedback has been provided by Department staff, it is expected that the matter will be brought to a Council meeting for formal consideration.

Public Consultation

The Town cannot consider any submissions on the draft documents at this stage. 

Submissions should only be made once the formal public consultation period has commenced. It is possible that the consultation will occur in the first half of 2021. The Town will be undertaking extensive community consultation at this time, for a period of not less than 90 days.

It should be noted that any review, amendment or replacement of the Strategy and/or Scheme will require formal Council consideration and community consultation, prior to formal finalisation.  In the meantime, further information on the process and frequently asked questions are available below or via contacting the Town’s Planning Services on 9377 8000.

Draft Local Planning Scheme and Strategy FAQs