Raising awareness around the benefits of advanced planning to increase community safety and reduced the risk of flood damage to residents and communities is the aim of the Town of Bassendean’s Flood Aware Be Prepared Campaign.

It is crucial that the community understand the existing risks, make informed decisions and are aware of potential flood behaviour for a range of events including those that are considered rare.

The Flood Aware Be Prepared campaign is based on the flood modelling and risk assessment study undertaken for the Swan and Helena Rivers, commissioned by the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC), with active stakeholder involvement from State agencies and the Town of Bassendean.

The campaign includes a set of videos designed for social media sharing and a Town of Bassendean -specific brochure aimed at raising community awareness of the hazards of flooding, with practical suggestions for household preparations to help make them more flood-resistant.

Flood Aware Be Prepared – Regional Video

Flood Aware Be Prepared – Town of Bassendean Brochure

Flood Aware Brochure

For more information please visit www.floodawarebeprepared.com.au