Heritage is important in understanding the story of both Western Australia and the Town of Bassendean, including the history, identity and diversity of the locality. Heritage is wide ranging and consists of places such as culturally significant places, buildings, structures, gardens, landscapes and archaeological sites.  

‘Cultural heritage significance’ is the aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance a place may have for present and future generations. These values have been deemed by the Heritage Council of Western Australia and, in the preparation of a local heritage survey, are used as assessment criteria to evaluate the importance of a place for the Local Government area. 

Heritage List

A Heritage List is a list of places compiled under a local planning scheme for which development approval will be required for all demolition, alterations or other development affecting the cultural heritage significance of the place. Heritage Lists must be compiled with regard to the Local Heritage Survey, but do not necessarily include all places in the Local Heritage Survey.  

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 provides that the Local Government must establish and maintain a Heritage List to identify places within the Scheme area that are of cultural heritage significance and worthy of built heritage conservation

Heritage List

Local Heritage Survey

Council has acknowledged the importance of history and heritage in its Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030, which seeks to create a community closely connected to its history and heritage and ensure heritage locations and buildings of historical value within the Town are recognised, cared for and utilised by the community.  

In 2021, the Town undertook a review of its existing Local heritage Survey (formerly known as the Municipal Heritage Inventory).

As part of that process, the Town invited community input seeking feedback on the current categories of existing heritage places as well as nominations for new places. Nominations closed 14 May 2021, and no nominations were received. 

Advertising of the draft Local Heritage Survey has been undertaken, with the submission period closing on 11 March 2022. 

At its 24 May 2022 Ordinary Meeting, Council adopted an amended draft Local Heritage Survey. Part of the resolution of Council requested staff to investigate the inclusion of Sandy Beach and Ashfield Flats to the Town’s Local Heritage Survey.

At its 26 July 2022 Ordinary Meeting, Council adopted an amended draft Local Heritage Survey that included the place specific reviews of Sandy Beach and the Ashfield Flats. A copy of the Local Heritage Survey is available below.


Local Heritage Survey

Heritage Areas

At its 24 August 2021 Ordinary Meeting, Council resolved to endorse the proposed creation of three separate heritage areas and an associated draft Local Planning Policy – Heritage and Character, for the purposes of advertising.  

The three heritage areas proposed are:

  • Old Perth Road Heritage Area;
  • Devon Road Heritage Area; and
  • Kenny Street Heritage Area.

At its 24 May 2022 Ordinary Meeting, Council adopted the three heritage areas and associated local planning policy