Crossovers, Verges & Stormwater


A Crossover is the section of your driveway between the property boundary (including any footpath) and the road that allows vehicles to access the property.

Do I need approval to construct or upgrade a crossover?

Yes, Residents/landowners must apply to the Town to construct a new crossover or upgrade an existing crossover by satisfactorily completing the Application for Permits form and submitting along with a site plan for approval.

The site plan should indicate all assets within the verge (such as footpaths, street trees, road, drainage lids and property boundaries) and the proposed crossover works (including dimensions and construction materials).

How to construct your crossover?

If you are planning to install a new crossover, please follow the design requirements outlined in the Town’s Specification for the Construction of Crossovers. Any trees located on the verge adjacent to the property must be protected in accordance with the Town’s Street Tree Protection Policy.

A supervision fee will be charged to inspect the constructed crossover and the Town’s Infrastructure in accordance with the Town’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Will the Council contribute to the cost?

Yes, in accordance with the Town’s Schedule of Fees and Charges, the Town will provide a one-off crossover contribution per residential or industrial lot following construction.

To be eligible for the contribution, the crossover must comply with the Town’s Specification for the Construction of Crossovers, be approved and claimed in the financial year of construction.

To apply for the council contribution, complete the Claim for Council Contribution Toward Residential Crossover and submit the form (upon completion of the crossover) to [email protected].

Verge Treatments

The verge area is the portion of land between the edge of the road and the front property boundary.

At the Town of Bassendean, we encourage the development and maintenance of environmentally sustainable verge treatments.

The street verge is a valued public space and to achieve its maximum potential for the community, your valued contribution in landscaping and maintaining the verge is encouraged.

The following, will provide some practical information and examples for the design and implementation of your new verge garden.

Town of Bassendean Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2010

Council Policy 1.9 Verge Treatment Policy

Council Policy 1.10 Street Tree Protection Policy

Verge Treatments Guidelines for Enhancing Your Verge

Do I need to apply?

No, if your proposed verge garden fully complies with the above requirements.

Residents wishing to install a verge garden which is outside of these requirements will require prior written approval from the Town before carrying out any works within their verge. To assess your application, the Town will require a satisfactorily completed Application for Permits form and a site plan indicating all assets within the verge and the proposed verge treatment. Applicants may wish to include a written proposal or justification. 

Where a verge is 'common property' between two or more owners or occupiers, the owner or occupier proposing to install a verge treatment must obtain written agreement from all other owners or occupiers prior to commencing a verge treatment.

Verge Permit

The verge area is the portion of land between the edge of the road and the front property boundary. Please refer to the ‘Verge Treatments’ section for advice on landscaping the verge area adjacent to your property. A verge permit is required for works within the verge or the use of the verge or works on private property which may impact the verge.

Do I need to apply for a Verge permit?

Yes, to protect the Towns infrastructure and assets (including street trees and footpaths) against damage. Under the verge permit scheme, all works that require a building or demolition permit will also require a verge permit from the Town before any work commences.

The verge permit application must contain a satisfactorily completed form and a site plan. The site plan should indicate all assets within the verge (such as footpaths, street trees, road, and crossover) and the proposed works on the property or verge. Applicants may wish to include a written proposal or justification for the verge permit.

Works must not commence until the applicant has received their verge permit.

Stormwater Drainage Connection Permit

Stormwater must be contained on-site unless ground conditions are deemed unsuitable for on-site disposal via infiltration as verified by a geotechnical investigation, soil permeability testing and a site classification report prepared by a suitably qualified civil engineer. The information provided in your application will be reviewed in conjunction with Local Planning Policy No.3 - Water Sensitive Urban Design and Water Conservation PolicyLocal Planning Policy No.4 – Floodplain Management & Development and Local Planning Policy No. 14 - StormwaterThe Town will only consider applications that can demonstrate that all on site disposal options have been investigated and exhausted.

Do I need approval?

Yes, you will need approval where stormwater cannot be accommodated on-site and connection to the Town’s stormwater drainage system is proposed.

Applicants will need to provide the following information:

(i) An Infrastructure Services - Application for Permit;

(ii) Geotechnical report justifying offsite storm water disposal;

(iii) A completed modified COPAS equation for stormwater retention (Please refer to Worked Example – Modified COPAS Equation for Stormwater Retention);

(iv) A comprehensive stormwater drainage plan prepared and certified by a suitably qualified engineer, detailing: sizes and types of all materials; invert levels; pit levels (top and bottom); design return period; site retention capacity and outlet capacity for the design return period; internal drainage design and grades of all pipes; and

Please note, all surveys for existing invert levels and pipe alignment (etc.) are the responsibility of the landowner/applicant to obtain.

(v) Payment of fees associated with connecting to the Town’s stormwater infrastructure in accordance with Council's adopted Schedule of Fees and Charges. 

All Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of works.