Online Form - Application for a Celebration Tree

The Town of Bassendean facilitates the placement of celebration trees, as per the Celebration Trees Council Policy. Please note that tree plantings generally have a 50%-80% survival probability over 35 years. The facilitation and implementation of the tree memorial is subject to the following:

  1. A Celebration Tree Application form will need to completed to request the planting of a tree.
  2. Tree planting locations will be provided for the planting season. The resident can request to plant a tree in a specific park, however, the preferred location may not always be possible.
  3. The planting of the tree is to be undertaken by the resident.
  4. Planting of trees will be carried out during the winter planting season.
  5. The tree will be managed with the same care and protection of general street and reserve trees located in the Town.
  6. On the day of the planting, a Parks and Garden team member will prepare the location, have the tree delivered and make the area safe for where the tree will be placed.
  7. The resident will need to bring their own tools to plant the tree.
  8. Memorial plaques or other materials will not be left on or near the tree.

The cost of a Celebration Tree is based on the Annual Fees and Charges as of the date of planting. The cost of a Celebration Tree as per the 2023/24 Annual Fees and Charges is $305 including GST.

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