Online Form - Donation Request

Applications will remain open until the predetermined funding pool is exhausted.

Completing the application

You must:
  • Submit the application at least two weeks prior to the delivery of the project or event.
  • Complete all relevant parts of the application.
  • Include a description of what the donation would be used for.
  • Demonstrate how the project meets the criteria.


Applications will not be eligible if lodged by:

  • Local, State or Commonwealth Government agencies (note: local schools are eligible)
  • Town employees or immediate family members of Town employees (note: community groups comprised of one or more members who are Town employees are still eligible).
  • An applicant in poor standing with the Town, either financially (with outstanding debts) or regarding values and behaviours.
  • An applicant that has failed to provide satisfactory acquittal reporting for any previously approved funding. 
  • An applicant that has received a donation in the previous six months.

Assessment criteria

Applications are assessed against meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Strengthening and Connecting our Community
  • Leading environmental sustainability
  • Creating a vibrant town and precincts
  • Driving financial sustainability
  • Building community identity by celebrating culture and heritage


Once a donation request is received, eligible applications are assessed by Administration, with a recommendation made to the Chief Executive Officer for determination. Applicants are notified of the outcome within two weeks of lodging a donation request.

Successful donations

  • The applicant will have to provide an invoice for payment that includes the correct bank account details. 
  • The Sponsorships and Grants officer will send the applicant Town promotional material and request acknowledgment for their contribution. 

Please contact the Town if you have any further queries at (08) 9377 8000 or [email protected]

Terms and conditions

  • Donation requests are limited to a maximum of $250.
  • Successful applicants must acknowledge the Town's contribution at event(s) and/or via communications.  
  • The Town reserves the right to revoke any donation if it is used for a purpose that conflicts with the Town's mission and values or fails to meet the requirements outlined in the Community Funding Policy. Applicants are not guaranteed funding, and any donations approved cannot be guaranteed approval in future years.

Main Contact Person

Group details (if applicable)

Project/initiative details


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In the event that I am awarded a donation,*

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