Bulk Waste & Green Waste Verge Collection

The Town provides two verge collections to residents each year, a Bulk Waste collection and a Bulk Green Waste collection.
The designated waste is to be placed on the verge on the weekend set out date allocated for your area. See the map and table below for your collection area and associated set out dates.


Bulk Waste Collection

Green Waste Verge Collection


30 October - 31 October 2021 30 April - 1 May 2022


6  November - 7 November 2021

07 May - 8 May 2022


13 November - 14 November 2021

14 May - 15 May 2022


20 November - 21 November 2021 21 May - 22 May 2022


27 November - 28 November 2021

28 May - 29 May 2022

There are important rules about how to set out waste and what will be collected. A flyer with more information will be distributed to each household closer to the date of the collection.

Green Waste

The Green Waste collection service will collect:
  • Tree branches and pruning’s up to 1.5m long x 200mm diameter
  • Loose leaves and prunings placed in cardboard boxes
  • A maximum of 2m3 of greenwaste per household 

For important information you need to know before placing material out for collection view the Green Waste Collection Flyer

Green Waste Collection Flyer

Bulk Waste

The Bulk Waste collection service will collect:
Old furniture, stoves, microwaves, scrap metal, odds and ends, and general disused materials. General household refuse will NOT be collected.
Items should be placed neatly on the verge for collection. Metal items should be separated from general bulky household items.
Fridges and mattresses are NOT included in this collection.
Please call the Town’s waste contractor, Suez on 9350 7195 to arrange an on demand collection for these items.

More Information

View the Recycling & Waste Calendar PDF for more information about Waste collection in Bassendean