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Published on Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 8:30:00 AM

In response to community feedback, the Town is considering changing our bulk waste collection method from pre-booked skip bins to pre-booked verge collections. We appreciate your input about your bulk waste collection preferences. Please review the details of the proposed service below and share your thoughts with us in the survey.

The Town is not considering a return to scheduled verge collections, due to issues with excess items being placed out, items being placed out for periods outside the nominated collection period, and illegal dumping.

Submissions should be lodged via the online survey or by returning a completed printed survey to Customer Service, 35 Old Perth Rd, Bassendean. Printed surveys are available for collection from the Town of Bassendean Customer Service Centre, Bassendean Memorial Library, Seniors Centre or Wind in the Willows.

Submissions close at midnight, Wednesday 26 June 2024.

If you have any questions, please call the Sustainability & Environment team on (08) 9377 8095 or email [email protected]

Pre-booked verge collections

How would pre-booked verge collections work?

The proposed service would work as follows:

  1. You (a resident) could book a collection online or by phone, after providing details of the property address, preferred dates, type of waste and location.
  2. After confirming eligibility, the online system will advise of available dates for bulk general waste or green waste bookings. The collection will be available on a set weekday (e.g. Wednesday, but the day is yet to be confirmed), all year round.
  3. You could place up to 3 cubic metres of bulk waste items or green waste (depending on booking type) on your verge up to 3 days before the scheduled collection. Bulk household items will need to be segregated on the verge according to collection instructions. As per current arrangements, e-waste will not be collected from the verge, it can be disposed of free of charge at the EMRC Baywaste Community Recycling Centre).
  4. On your scheduled collection day, the service provider’s vehicles (crane truck, trailer, and skid steer) would arrive and collect the bulk waste items on your verge.

Each residential property would be able to choose which booked collections they would like each financial year from the following options:

  1. 1x general waste collection and 1x green waste collection.
  2. 2x green waste collections.

What would the service collect?

The same items that can be collected with the current skip bin service would be able to be collected with the pre-booked bulk verge collection.

The current on-demand collection of up to 3 mattresses, fridge/freezers, or lounges will remain if the pre-booked bulk verge collection service is introduced.

Collection days

The proposed pre-booked bulk verge collection service would allow residents to book a collection on a specified weekday and place their items out on the verge up to 3 days prior.

The current skip bin service operates as follows:

General Waste skips:

Delivered Monday, collected Wednesday.
Delivered Wednesday, collected Friday.
Delivered Friday, collected Monday.

Green Waste skips:

Delivered Tuesday, collected Thursday.
Delivered Thursday, collected Tuesday.

Benefits of the proposed pre-booked bulk verge collection service
The pre-booked bulk verge collection service would offer the following benefits:

  • Allows residents the flexibility to dispose of their bulk waste at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Increases accessibility, as residents will not need to lift their waste into a skip bin.
  • Eliminates problems associated with misuse of skip bins.
  • Allows residents to dispose of the same amount of waste as skip bins.
  • Encourages the diversion of waste from landfill by providing opportunities to educate people about ways to reuse or recycle items in the local area during the booking process.
  • Increases resource recovery after the items are collected, diverting them from landfill.
  • Limits junk on the verge to selected residences, maintaining the appearance of the Town by avoiding numerous properties presenting material for collection for weeks at a time at scheduled bulk waste collections.
  • Discourages unwanted behaviours and mess that can result from scavengers who don’t do the right thing at scheduled bulk rubbish collections.
  • Reduces the opportunity for residents from other areas to dump waste illegally at scheduled bulk waste collections.
  • Reduces clean-up costs associated with clearing dispersed litter and illegally dumped items after scheduled bulk waste collections.

Learn more

Please visit the Recycling & Waste section of the website to learn more about the Town’s current waste services.


If you have questions about the current skip bin service or the proposed pre-booked bulk verge collection service, please contact the Town of Bassendean on (08) 9377 8095 or [email protected].

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