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Published on Thursday, 25 June 2020 at 11:53:00 AM

In a landmark year for cycling in the Town of Bassendean, Council has endorsed the aspirational Long Term Cycle Network.

This was drafted by the Department of Transport in consultation with the Town to coordinate cycling paths through the Perth Metropolitan Area and better align priorities with those of local communities.

The decision came as work started locally on two major cycling paths:

  • Construction is underway on the 230 metre “missing link” on the shared path near Success Hill Train Station which will provide a continuous cycling path between Perth and Midland
  • Construction starts this week on the Whitfield Street Safe Active Street, a $1.2 million project funded by the Department of Transport to provide a safer cycling route between Guildford Road, towards the school and river.

The Department of Transport is working with 33 local government authorities in Perth and Peel to agree on bicycle routes that link parks, schools, community facilities and transport services, to make bike riding a convenient and viable option.

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The aim of the project is to develop an aspirational blueprint to ensure State and local governments work together towards the delivery of one continuous bicycle network providing additional transport options, recreational opportunities and support for tourism and commercial activity creating a bicycle network catering for all ages and abilities.

Endorsement of the long term plan does not commit either Council or State Government agencies to deliver all or any part of it in a particular timeframe or to fund any specific route. Council endorsement confirms support for local and State Government agencies to work together in delivering the aspirational LTCN over the longer term.

So far, the following projects have been used to guide its development:

  • Town of Bassendean Local Integrated Transport Plan 2020
  • Town of Bassendean 2012 Bike Plan
  • Your Move Bassendean


When the Town next engages its community to update its bike plan, it can modify the endorsed long term cycle network plan by adding new routes and realigning existing routes.

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