Changes to weed control treatment on Town of Bassendean local roads

Published on Tuesday, 12 September 2023 at 4:26:12 PM

The weed control treatment used on local roads in the Town on Bassendean will change after a Council decision to vary the streetscape weed control contract, made at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 22 August 2023. Commencing in November 2023, herbicide will be used on local roads in May, August, and November each year. Sensitive areas will continue to be treated with steam, and distributor roads will continue to be treated with herbicide.

Weeds on footpaths, paved medians and kerb lines will be treated using WeedSeeker® technology, which ensures herbicide is only applied to living plants. The Town will post details about upcoming treatments on the Town of Bassendean website and will notify those registered on the ‘no spray’ list. Vehicles will be used to distribute the herbicide, which will display signage indicating that spraying is in progress. Spraying will cease if pedestrians approach the vehicle.

If residents or ratepayers prefer that kerbs and footpaths adjacent to their property are left untreated with herbicides, they can register for the ‘no spray’ list on the Town of Bassendean website.

More information: Frequently Asked Questions: Revised Streetscape Weed Management Strategy.

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