Acknowledgement of the late Archie Roach

Published on Friday, 5 August 2022 at 10:33:45 AM

We would like to honour and show respect to the late Archie Roach who sadly passed away on 30 July 2022.

We were lucky to have the great writer and musician visit the Town of Bassendean during Naidoc week in 2011 where he sang and generously mixed with crowds of adoring fans who travelled far and wide to see him.

Ashfield resident Carol Seidel remembers the day fondly. “He accommodated everyone who wanted to be photographed with him, his manager keeping a close eye to make sure Archie didn’t overextend himself because he just wouldn’t say no to everyone wanting to be with him” said Carol.

Carol added ‘’People all thought they knew Archie because he sang the songs that told the stories of what had happened to him had happened to them’’. Referring to the stolen generation, Archie was taken from his birth parents at the age of two, but Archie transformed his painful experiences into beautiful music and storytelling and encouraged others to do so.

Throughout his life, Archie wrote and recorded ten studio albums and was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2020. He was also appointed a member of the Order of Australia in 2015.

In the years after his visit to Ashfield, Archie battled numerous life challenges and health issues but remained strong in his creative output and dedication to being a role model for others.

In 2014 Archie established the Archie Roach Foundation.

‘’The Foundation is a way for me to give back and pass on what’s been given to me from people I’ve met on my journey who have pointed me in a different direction to a better way of life and understanding, to freedom.

I hope to be a signpost for others, to walk alongside and empower them to tell their story through the arts to point them in a deadly direction; in particular young people within the youth justice system. Together we’ll fly.’’

— Archie Roach AM


RIP Archibald William Roach AM
8 January 1956 - 30 July 2022


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