Three Bin System: FAQ

The Town of Bassendean will be rolling out the new Three Bin FOGO (Food Organics & Garden Organics) system from the 27th of July 2020. 

The new three bin waste system will consist of:

  • 240L lime green lid FOGO bin, collected weekly
  • 140L red lid general waste bin, collected fortnightly
  • 240L yellow lid recycling bin, collected fortnightly
  • 7L kitchen caddy & 2 rolls of 100 compostable liners
  • FOGO Three Bin Information pack

What goes in the FOGO bin?

The 240L lime green lid FOGO bin is for kitchen food scraps and organic garden waste.

The Town will supply a kitchen caddy & certified compostable liners as part of the three bin system. The caddy with compostable liners can be placed in your kitchen or other preferred location for food waste storage.

All food waste including the following can go into your FOGO bin:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Cooked food
  • Bones
  • Meat
  • Dairy e.g. cheese, eggs shells
  • Bakery items e.g. all bread types & pastries
  • Tea leaves & bags
  • Coffee grounds

Other organics that can go into the FOGO bin include:

  • Organic garden waste
  • Pet poo
  • Kitty litter
  • Soiled paper, cardboard, napkins and tissues

Wrapped food and plastic or polystyrene packaging will contaminate the FOGO bin and cannot be easily removed during the composting process. Before placing any food in the kitchen caddy or FOGO bin ensure that all the food packaging and labels are removed. These should be disposed of in your red lid general waste bin.

The contents of your FOGO bin will be sent to a composting facility where it will be recycled into soil improver. By ensuring that only organic waste goes in the FOGO bin the Bassendean community is assisting the Town to divert this valuable resource from landfill.

Recycling FOGO will divert waste from landfill, reduce disposal costs and allow the Town to meet the State Governments Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery targets.

Some Bassendean residents are already utilising their food and garden waste at home by keeping chickens, worm farms, Bokashi & compost bins. The Town encourages these residents to keep doing this and invites other community members to consider at home waste diversion practices.

What goes in the red lid General Waste bin?

The 140L red lid General Waste bin is for household waste that cannot be recycled or composted, the contents of the red lid bin is sent to landfill.

Items to be placed in the red lid General Waste bin include:

  • old textiles & shoes
  • Nappies, hygiene & sanitary items
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic bags & soft plastics
  • Ropes, straps and hoses

For an A-Z list of what waste should go where please visit or download the Recycle Right app.

Recycle Right Website

What is a kitchen caddy?

As part of the roll out the Town will supply a 7L kitchen caddy along with 200 certified compostable caddy liners. The caddy can be used to collect food scraps in the kitchen. The liners can be placed inside your caddy to provide a barrier between the caddy and food waste. Newspaper or no liner can also be used. Every 3-4 days the caddy liner can be tied off and placed into your FOGO bin.

If you choose to purchase additional liners please ensure they are certified compostable and display this symbol

The kitchen caddy can be placed in your kitchen to collect food waste i.e., all food leftovers/scraps including bones, out of date food (unpackaged), tea leaves and coffee grounds, used paper towel, napkins and tissues.

Why should we divert FOGO waste from landfill?

The State Government through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2017 (WARR Act) has guidelines in place for all local councils to reduce the amount of recycling and waste their community produces. Through the Better Bins program councils can apply for grants to roll out the three-bin system to their community.

Introducing the FOGO three bin system will assist the Town and the community to ensure we are meeting the State Governments targets.

These targets include:

  • Reducing waste sent to landfill by 75% by 2025
  • Adopting the FOGO three bin system
  • Avoiding the use of single-use products
  • Divert valuable waste like FOGO from landfill

How will the new Three Bin FOGO system benefit the community?

There are many benefits to adopting the FOGO system including:

  • Less organic waste to landfill, which will reduce the landfill levy incurred by the Town as FOGO waste is not subject to the landfill levy.
  • When organic waste breaks down in landfill methane is released (a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon), it also releases moisture and in combination with rain & condensation it mixes to create a harmful leachate. FOGO will significantly reduce this environmental impact.
  • Soil improver will be produced from the FOGO waste which can then be put back on the land assisting with nutrient cycling.

Will there be a change to collection days?

There will be no changes to the day your bins are collected.

The lime green lid FOGO bin will be collected weekly on your normal collection day. The red lid General Waste bin and the yellow lid Recycling bin will go out on alternate fortnights.

I have children in nappies, which bin do these go in?

Nappies should be placed in the red lid General Waste bin. Emptying the contents of the nappy into the toilet and securing the nappy in a plastic bag will minimise odours.

Research has shown that nappies smell progressively worse for four days then do not smell any worse (or better) after that. A waste bin containing nappies smells no worse after 14 days than after 7 days. Read more about how to manage nappy waste here

Managing Nappies

If you have tried other methods to manage smells and you are still struggling please contact the Town for further assistance.

Do I have to move to the Three Bin FOGO system?

Yes. The new Three Bin FOGO system will be the standard waste service provided to Town of Bassendean residents. Local Governments in WA are required under the new WARR Strategy 2030 to introduce a Three Bin FOGO system by 2025. Please contact the Town on 9377 8095 if you have any concerns about the new system.

What if 140L red lid General Waste bin is not bin enough?

The Town is aware that some households have large families or unique requirements and may still require the 240L General Waste bin. Rate payers can opt to have a larger 240L General Waste bin, an additional annual fee of $90 will apply.  To discuss this option please contact the Town on 9377 8095.