Three Bin System

We're rolling out three bins for Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO).

This will enable the Town to capture and turn this waste into a valuable compost. It's great for the environment, saves money and leaves a great legacy for our children in the future.

Less and less will go into your general waste bin and more into your new lime green lidded FOGO bin.

FOGO Collection

Changing to FOGO will mean that food scraps, organic garden waste and other organic waste like animal droppings and bones will get collected weekly in a separate. The contents will be used to create a quality compost product for use on your gardens, farms and to replenish our soils, 

If you already compost or have chickens or worms at home, the FOGO bin can complement your arrangements by taking the things that your compost can’t – such as weed seeds, excess lawn clippings and leaves, meat, bones, dairy products and even pet droppings!


When organic waste goes to landfill it generates methane, a greenhouse gas. By separating our waste and our organic matter, It's an environmentally friendly way of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and is a great way to contribute action on climate change. 

The new 3-bin system will enable the Town to meet important waste reduction targets set by the WA Government for a 75% diversion of waste from landfill. With the new system in place, everyone will learn more about what goes out in the bin and how to reduce their waste output.

About FOGO

Lime green lid: Food scraps, organic garden waste and other organic waste

Yellow lid bin: Recyclable items

Red lid bin: For general waste that can not be recycled  

Three Bin System: What goes in Each Bin?

For more information, visit FOGO FAQs


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