Sandy Beach Playground

Why are we building a playground this large?

This scale of Playground is not provided elsewhere in the district and the Town seeks an opportunity to improve the amenity of Sandy Beach to make it a ‘destination’ for our own ratepayers as well as surrounding suburbs.

Why are we building it at Sandy Beach?

Sandy Beach is one of the Town’s most prominent natural open spaces.  It already attracts many users and the replacement of the existing modest playground equipment will improve amenity for families.

What age groups is the playground designed for?

The Playground has been designed for children of all ages with play equipment and nature elements for all to enjoy. 

Why has the project taken so long?

The Town needed to secure funding for the project which is now confirmed.  Additional due diligence has also been undertaken resulting in some modifications to the project.  For example, to ensure the retention of a significant tree; and a more environmentally sustainable solution to the adjacent ablutions.  These changes have allowed the Town to achieve a better outcome for the community. 

How much will it cost and where did the money come from?

The construction of the playground will cost $1.62m including the toilet block  The Town has been able to secure multiple funding opportunities for the construction, including; Lotterywest$79,202, Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Grant $460,000, State Government Land Sales $592,098 and Cash in Lieu $488,700.  The planning system in Western Australia requires that a minimum of 10% of the gross subdivisible area of land within a proposed subdivision shall be given up free of cost by the subdivider as public open space for the community.  Where this isn’t practical (such as small infill subdivisions), the Planning and Development Act 2005 includes provisions by which a cash payment can be made by a subdivider in lieu of providing land for public open space.  Over the years, the Town has collected cash-in-lieu of public open space in accordance with the Act for various subdivision proposals.  Whilst this money is typically spent on land, the Minister for Planning can approve these funds for equipment in public open space, and has approved the use of these funds for the Sandy Beach Playground project.

Isn't that location on a flood plain?

The Playground sits on the edge of the 1:100 year flood plain, but should the park be subject to a flood the main issue would be to deal with the clean up after the water recedes.

Isn't that site contaminated?

No.  Although all soils adjacent to the river have a level of contamination if disturbed, this project will build above the original soil level therefore minimising disturbance.

Aren't the existing toilets inadequate?

The Existing toilet will be replaced as part of this project and connected to sewer mains, providing better environmental outcomes.  The new toilet facility will be equipped with 4 unisex standard cubicles, 1 unisex disabled cubicle, 1 unisex ambulant cubical and a changing table.

Will the design be disability friendly?

The park and toilet block are designed as accessible but not all equipment is fully accessible.

What about the mosquitos at Sandy Beach?

Within the Town, mosquito breeding predominantly occurs in wetland areas adjacent to the Swan River.  These areas are monitored on a regular basis throughout the warmer months when significant mosquito breeding occurs.  It is strongly encouraged that all visitors to the area take precautions to prevent mosquito bites including:

- Wearing protective (long, loose-fitting, light-coloured) clothing when outdoors;

- Applying an effective personal repellent containing diethyltoluamide (DEET) or picaridin evenly to all areas of exposed skin and always follow the label instructions;

- Ensuring infants and children are adequately protected against mosquito bites, preferably with suitable clothing, or other forms of insect screening.

Isn't the playground too close for dog walkers?

Whilst all dogs must be on the leash in this reserve, there should be sufficient space for dogs to be exercised in the remaining reserve area, and other available reserves throughout the Town.  In the event dogs are off-leash in the surrounding area they are required to be ‘under effective control’ by their owner.

How many trees will be lost during construction?

No trees will be removed and the Town will be providing extensive landscaping around the playground as part of this project.

Are there amenities for families such as BBQs and picnic tables?

Yes, Sandy Beach reserve is equipped with BBQ’s and picnic tables, additional picnic tables will also be provided within the playground.

From where will the timber for the playground be sourced?

Our timber is primarily Jarrah hardwood due to its great local termite resistance qualities, its strong structural and aesthetic characteristics, and the low energy consumption in its procurement given that it is a local species.  The Jarrah bush poles and logs are mainly sourced from local Alcoa mine sites. These sites are managed by the Forest Products Commission which meet Australian Standards AS4708 for their Forest Management System. Rather than being piled into a heap and burnt or mulched, it is salvaged, sold at auction to our supplier, seasoned, prepared and installed within our playgrounds. The framing is also recycled / salvaged / repurposed locally sourced Jarrah hardwood.

For further questions relating to this project, please contact the Town's Recreation Development Officer, Tim Dayman on 9377 8061.