Proposed Use Not Listed (Short Stay Accommodation) – 63 Third Avenue, Bassendean (Closed)

The proposal is for a use not listed (short stay accommodation) and is detailed below:


  • Property to be rented as a complex of 8 apartments.
  • Maximum of four adult guests or a family of four members.
  • No parties or events are permitted.
  • House rules state that no excessive noise is permitted between 10pm and 7am Monday to Saturday and 10pm to 9am on Sunday and public holidays.
  • Check in is from 3pm to 8:30pm.
  • Check out is from 8am to 11am.
  • The Managers are responsible for the handling of complaints.
  • A register of complaints will be kept and available to the Town’s staff on request.
  • The neighbours are to be provided with a copy of the code of conduct, the complaints management procedure and the contact details of the Managers.
  • Guest parking will be contained within the lot with 2 visitor bays provided outside. No verge parking will be permitted.
  • No visitors other than guests who are booked to stay at the property are permitted without approval from the manager.
  • A minimum stay of 5 nights.
  • A maximum stay of 90 days.
  • Minut monitors are located within each property and will monitor noise, temperature, number of persons at the property, motion and humidity. These devices will be utilised for compliance matters.
  • On-site register of occupants.
  • Maintenance will be managed by the owner.


Please address the management plan for further information.


Submissions should be lodged via  Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Town of Bassendean, PO Box 87, Bassendean  WA  6934.  Submissions close 5:00pm Friday 30 September 2022.

Contact Details

Name: Alex Snadden

Phone: 08 9377 8024