Proposed Road Closures - Portions of Hamilton Street Reserve (Closed)

Hamilton Street Reserve is partly comprised of a number of road reserves which are unconstructed but are also reserved ‘Parks and Recreation’ (Public Open Space) under the Town’s Local Planning Scheme No. 10.

To correct the inconsistency, the Town intends to request that portions of unconstructed road reserve not servicing existing lots (shown in green) be closed, enabling the amalgamation of the land into the balance of the parks.

Prior to the matter being considered by Council for a formal request to the Minister for Lands to close the road reserves, the Town is seeking comments on the proposal.  

Submissions should be lodged via [email protected].  Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Town of Bassendean, PO Box 87, Bassendean  WA  6934.  Submissions close 5:00pm Monday 4 July 2022.

Contact Details

Name: Donna Shaw

Job Title: Manager Development & Place

Phone: 93778011

Email: [email protected]