Draft Local Planning Policy No. 12 - Residential Development and Fences (Closed)

Council at its meeting on 27 July 2021 resolved to advertise amendments to Local Planning Policy No.12 – Developments within the Street Setback Area. 

The objectives of the draft policy are:

  • To vary the R-Codes to provide amended or alternative ‘deemed-to-comply’ provisions.
  • To provide criteria for fences and associated structures, and development within the street setback area so as to ensure development within the street setback area preserves the character of the existing streetscape and is complementary and/or compatible with existing development.

The draft policy is considered to provide more flexibility for residential development and certainty on fences. The key changes within the draft policy include:

  • Updated provisions in line with current legislation and best practice;
  • Updating the policy to include all buildings, ensuring patios, verandahs and equivalent structures are permitted a nil setback where the development is behind the primary street setback and meets height and length criteria;
  • Updating the specifications to include variations to the R-Codes to ensure that carports are consistent with existing dwellings and have a 1.0m secondary street setback allowance;
  • Updated provisions to include street walls, fences and gates;
  • Updated provisions to include variations to the deemed to comply criteria of the R-Codes for outdoor living areas; and
  • Updated to include ancillary dwelling provisions to provide more flexibility to landowners in respect to the size, parking and design requirements.

Submissions should be lodged via [email protected].  Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Town of Bassendean, PO Box 87, Bassendean WA  6934.  Submissions close 5:00pm 27 August 2021.  Any submissions received will be considered as part of the determination process and your submission will be publicly available in the Council Agenda.

All enquiries should be directed to the Manager of Development & Place – Donna Shaw via [email protected]

Draft Local Planning Policy No. 12 - Residential Development and Fences

Existing Local Planning Policy No. 12 - Developments Within the Street Setback Area

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Name: Donna Shaw

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