Urban Forest Canopy Program

Published on Friday, 17 September 2021 at 2:08:22 PM

The Town of Bassendean, with the assistance of the Water Corporation 2021/22 Local Government Urban Canopy Grant Program, are expanding the 2022 tree planting program to include high urban heat areas in the Town's industrial area, along Morley Drive and within Eden Hill. Increasing canopy cover in these high heat areas will create a greener and shadier Town, improving conditions for residents and visitors alike through reduced urban heat. Additionally, all three planting areas form part of the Town's identified biodiversity corridors, and will support the Town's goals of protecting and enhancing networks of local natural areas.
The tree will provide shade to surfaces that absorb a high level of heat, such as roads, industrial buildings and foot paths. This will result in a reduction of average local temperature and increase shade along pathways. Reducing the local ambient temperature has several community benefits, including reducing reliance on artificial cooling, reducing power bills and increasing the 'walkability' of areas. Further research has indicated that greener areas have other community benefits, such as increasing property values, reduction in impacts of winds and flooding, improved air quality and improving mental health.
The Urban Forest Canopy Program is delivered by the Town of Bassendean with support from the Water Corporation and WALGA

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