Update on Old Perth Road lighting issue

Published on Wednesday, 15 September 2021 at 2:55:07 PM

The Town has been working consistently with Western Power to resolve the lighting issue at the east end of Old Perth Road.

We are doing everything we can to resolve the electrical faults to ensure the lighting is operational and apologise for any inconvenience to residents, businesses, and patrons of the area.

Electrical issues such as this are not as straightforward as they seem, requiring troubleshooting from both the Town and Western Power, which has unfortunately taken considerable time and only led to short term improvement.

The current issue that has been identified is at the intersection of Whitfield St and Old Perth Road and is the result of work by others when connecting into the electrical infrastructure.

If you would like further information regarding the scheduled works, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9377 8000 or mail@bassendean.wa.gov.au

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