Underground power is now live in Zone 1

Published on Friday, 22 April 2022 at 12:20:26 PM

Underground power is now live in parts of Eden Hill as part of the Eden Hill Underground Power project.

Over the last few months Western Power has been installing the new underground cabling and streetlights along street verges in Zone 1 of the project, connecting each home to the new system and more recently, removing existing lines and poles.

Now that the poles in Zone 1 have been removed it’s an exciting opportunity for residents to experience how safer and more reliable electricity not only makes a visual difference to our neighbourhood but also increases property values and our ability to plant more street trees.

Christina Carey, from the Eden Hill Community Action Network, shared what this project means to her,

“I personally feel the biggest benefit of underground power is being able to [eventually] have streets lined with beautiful mature trees. Tree-lined streets look great aesthetically but also are important environmentally; providing habitat for native wildlife, helping to combat climate change and the urban heat island effect.”

“We're [also] very fortunate that the cost of underground power to residents under this project is considerably less than it has been through other installation projects. Whilst it is a considerable cost, it's a small investment in our future that will have great benefits for us and generations to come.”

Christina’s sentiment was shared by Mayor Kath Hamilton,

“It’s certainly an exciting milestone for our community in the north. Infrastructure installation for this project has advanced with surprising speed altering streetscapes with new improved LED lighting as power lines and old poles are removed. It is wonderful to see collective investment of our neighbourhoods transforming the area before our eyes, with the best yet to come as trees and landscapes flourish in the coming years. We will continue to advocate for other remaining areas of the town to receive underground power.”

To read more about the project and associated costs please visit:

Eden Hill Underground Power project page.

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