Town of Bassendean Moves Closer to Approval of Local Planning Scheme 11

Published on Tuesday, 12 March 2024 at 12:45:19 PM

The Town of Bassendean is pleased to announce a significant step forward in the approval process for Local Planning Scheme No. 11, which will help shape the future landscape of our district by guiding subdivision and development. 

Last week, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage advised that the Minister was prepared to approve the draft scheme, subject to modifications. The draft Scheme has been with the State Government since August 2023 and was formally considered by the Statutory Planning Committee in December 2023, before progressing to the Minister for review.

The main modification requested by the Minister relates to the regulation of trees on private property. In the advertised version of the draft Local Planning Scheme 11, the Town proposed protection for some trees on private property by their inclusion on a Significant Tree Register. The Minister has decided to disallow nominations for the Significant Tree Register from parties other than the landowner. Details of modifications to the Scheme required by the Minister are available on the Town’s website.

Mayor Kathryn Hamilton described the outcome as bittersweet, saying, “Although the Town will move forward with a new planning scheme that facilitates growing vibrant and active mixed-use centres around existing transport nodes, a balance must be struck between competing pressures to ensure liveable leafy neighbourhoods are maintained, along with preserving the history and heritage of the district. I have no doubt there will be many in our community justifiably disappointed with the changes made to the tree protection provisions, particularly given the dire need for planning controls to protect trees of a certain size that provide significant canopy cover. As a Town and Council we will continue to be innovative and supportive of measures that advance the aspirations of our community to maintain the district’s green natural feel.”

The draft Scheme will be updated and returned to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to be finalised.

Local Planning Scheme 11 FAQs

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