Town of Bassendean Endorses BIC Reserve Concept Plan, Enhancing Community Spaces for Future Generations

Published on Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 12:33:56 PM

As part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing community spaces, the Town of Bassendean Council endorsed the BIC Reserve Concept Plan during its Ordinary Council Meeting last night.

The Concept Plan provides a detailed vision for the revitalisation of BIC Reserve, outlining enhancements aimed at fostering community engagement and leisure activities. Council has committed to implementing the Plan in stages, commencing with the initial phase which will be funded by a $200,000 grant from the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications, and the Arts, approved in March 2024.

The BIC Reserve Concept Plan delineates three distinct zones within the reserve, catering to diverse community needs. An Active Zone, adjacent to the tennis courts, will remain a programmable space, accommodating events and activities for all ages, including the Bassendean Markets. A Memorial and Reflection Zone, featuring the war memorial, will undergo landscaping enhancements including the planting of mature trees to create a shaded avenue of honour. Benches will also be installed in this area. A Community Zone will host cultural events and civic gatherings.

The BIC Reserve Concept Plan includes several path extensions and creates a unified community space between the James Street cul-de-sac to Hamilton Street to the east. New public toilets will be constructed, and exercise equipment will be installed in the Active Zone. At least two light towers fitted with energy efficient lights will enhance the public event space and provide lighting for social sports gatherings and night markets.

The Plan retains the existing space for the popular Bassendean Telethon Community Cinema and proposes future enhancements pending grant funding, including a sound stage, and remodelling of the grass embankment to better accommodate audiences. This versatile performance area could be used for civic events and be available for hire.

Now the Plan has been endorsed, works will commence in the 2024/25 financial year, starting with the planting of mature native trees, and the installation of bench seating, lighting towers, and exercise stations.

The BIC Reserve Concept Plan aims to create a welcoming environment that promotes active living and fosters meaningful community connections. Through thoughtful design and strategic development, we envision a vibrant space where residents can come together to enjoy recreational activities, cultural events, and social gatherings.

View the BIC Reserve Concept Plan.

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