Town of Bassendean embraces opportunity to explore boundary adjustment with City of Swan

Published on Tuesday, 12 March 2024 at 9:09:57 AM

At the Special Council Meeting held on Monday 11 March 2024, Town of Bassendean Council unanimously resolved to immediately inform the City of Swan, of the Town’s desire to explore an adjustment of shared boundaries.

Council discussed the benefits of the boundary adjustment, highlighting the potential to better address the needs of communities more closely aligned to the Town of Bassendean, geographically, historically, and demographically, whilst enabling more effective delivery of services to communities with a common interest.

City of Swan electors resolved to review the City’s south-western boundaries to establish whether communities including Guildford, Woodbridge, Midland, South Guildford, Kiara, Lockridge, and Beechboro would be better represented by the Town of Bassendean at the City of Swan’s Annual Electors Meeting held on Monday 5 February 2024.

South Guildford resident Marilena Stimpfl put forward the motion, proposing that City of Swan council reviews the boundaries of the south-western district and engages with the Town of Bassendean council to establish interest in collaboration on a joint proposal for potential boundary changes to the Local Government Advisory Board. The motion also requested that if the two councils wish to proceed with a proposal, a consultation with affected communities and stakeholders be carried out and resulting feedback considered before recommendations are presented to the Minister.

Town of Bassendean electors embraced the idea at the Town of Bassendean General Meeting of Electors on Tuesday 13 February 2024, carrying the motion: “That the Town of Bassendean Council writes to the City of Swan to express willingness to engage in a collaborative process to review a potential boundary realignment exploring whether there are synergies for some or all of those adjoining urban communities to be represented by the Town of Bassendean.”

Town of Bassendean Mayor Cr Hamilton said it seems logical to undertake collaborative conversations in the first instance to determine what synergies and opportunities may exist from a review of boundaries before more detailed assessments and community consultation is undertaken by the Local Government Advisory Board. “I think it’s incumbent on elected members to listen and represent the interests of their residents and be open minded to change in the best interest of serving the community. The annual electors meeting for both councils is the correct forum for such motions and our communities have spoken and requested we take the first step in the process, by having collaborative and respectful dialogue.” 

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