Town of Bassendean announces divestment from aged care

Published on Thursday, 4 November 2021 at 2:24:38 PM

In a move to ensure services align with and meet community needs the Town of Bassendean is today announcing its divestment from the aged care sector, effective 30 June 2022.

For over 40 years the Town has been involved in the direct delivery of services to senior residents via the Western Australia Home and Community Care Programme (now ceased) and the current Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

In recent years the regulatory landscape for service providers has evolved significantly with many local governments nationwide realising they are now not equipped to respond to the increasing demands being made on the sector.

As the market for aged care services has expanded over the years, the Town of Bassendean can no longer be deemed competitive in delivering these services, meaning our clients are missing out on opportunities that could otherwise be delivered by specialist providers in the industry.

Mayor Kath Hamilton said, “The Council decision to transition from the direct delivery of aged care services was made after evaluation of the changing landscape of the aged care sector and reflects the Town’s belief that the needs of clients can be better met by more specialised aged care service providers operating in the local market. This decision best serves the future needs of our clients”.
The Town will work to maintain service quality for clients during the transition phase to a new provider and will explore opportunities to place current staff with the new provider or assist them to find alternative employment.

Ongoing dialogue with clients, staff and other key stakeholders will be prioritised to ensure those involved remain fully appraised of both the process of transition and how it impacts them personally. The emphasis will be on ensuring a smooth transition for all.

For more information please call the Town’s Seniors and Disability Services on 9279 6588, or email 

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