Strategic Response to COVID-19: Town Centre Revitalisation

Published on Friday, 26 June 2020 at 7:24:05 AM

A cornerstone of the Town of Bassendean's COVID-19 recovery plan will be a master plan for the Bassendean Town Centre to facilitate development and stimulate economic activity in the Town.

Announcing the project, Mayor Renee McLennan said Bassendean's town centre was strategically located on the train line, 15 kilometres from Perth's CBD, and its development aligned with the State Government's agenda for creating local jobs and affordable housing, along with optimising the use of our transport network.

"Attracting investment in our Town Centre is particularly important at this time as the Town seeks meaningful ways to contribute to our community’s recovery from COVID-19," she said.

“Focusing our increased density requirements around the train stations will result in more people living and working in our Town Centre, providing the support necessary for our local businesses to thrive”.

The outcomes of Bassendream Our Future in 2019 demonstrate broad community support for providing higher density development within 400 metres of the three railway stations and Old Perth Road.

"By developing an integrated approach to planning our Town Centre based upon an understanding of what our community wants and the components needed to achieve the desired outcome, we can better attract investment from governments and the private sector,” Cr McLennan said.

“Our community has said that they want town centre revitalisation and vibrancy and this project is about enabling this. It is about creating the right settings for a thriving economy and jobs in the local community. It's a natural follow on from BassenDream Our Future.”

The master plan will be a key component of both the Local Planning Strategy and development of the new Town Planning Scheme, which are both being prepared. It will provide a valuable marketing tool to attract potential partners, generating interest in the opportunities to be unlocked in the future.

"Highlighting the potential that exists in the Bassendean Town Centre will facilitate meaningful investment in our Town and ultimately, the achievement of the community’s vision," the Mayor said.

The findings of BassenDream Our Future in 2019 are being used to shape the Town’s new Strategic Community Plan and Local Planning Framework. In a subsequent Catalyse community survey in November 2019, the community further reaffirmed that town centre development and a focus on economic development were needed to make the district even better.

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