Rewiring Australia Full Suburb Electrification Pilot

Published on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 at 8:12:34 AM

To make transformational change, Rewiring Australia is looking to select a suburb within Australia to take part in a world first electrification pilot.  The pilot will support households to go electric through rooftop solar, heat pump room and water heating, electric cars, electric cooking and home batteries. 

To help 6054’s chances of being selected, register your interest here

As a participant in Switch your thinking, Bassendean residents and businesses are eligible to receive discounts on items to improve sustainability and reduce energy use, including solar battery storage, solar energy and heat pump hot water systems. For more information please refer to the links below.

Rewards for Residents | Sustainable Homes | Switch Your Thinking

Rewards for Business | Green Business | Switch Your Thinking 


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