Rates notices out in late August

Published on Wednesday, 29 July 2020 at 12:00:00 PM

The proposed 2020-21 Annual Budget has been prepared to implement a zero per cent rate revenue increase during 2020-21.

The Town derived rates income of $13,427,822 in 2019-20 and budgeted rates income for 2020-21 is $13,427,159.

The rate in the dollar is proposed to increase from 7.302 cents in 2019-20 to 8.323 cents in 2020-21, while the minimum payment is proposed to remain the same, at $1,106. The rate in the dollar has been calculated as the rate required to derive a similar amount in rates revenue as in 2019-20, based on updated property values provided by the Valuer General.

Despite the Town’s commitment to derive no more revenue from rates than in 2019-20, rates levied for individual properties will change, due to the revaluation of property values by the State Government.


Property valuations are adjusted by the Valuer General every three years and this year 2020-21 is a revaluation year.

Property valuations by the Valuer General determine the Gross Rental Value (GRV) of each property in a district. Council rates for each property are calculated by multiplying the GRV by the rate in the dollar necessary to achieve the revenue required to deliver services to the community.

The Valuer General advised that the GRV of property within the Town of Bassendean fell by 13% in total since the last revaluation. While the GRV for some properties increased, the GRV for most properties fell, some by less than the average of 13% and some by more. This will have the following effect for individual property owners:

  • Where the GRV of a property has increased, or fallen by less than the average of 13%, rates will increase
  • Where the GRV of a property has fallen by more than the average of 13%, rates will decrease.

The effect of a revaluation is to redistribute the rates burden among property owners within a district to achieve a fair distribution as property values change over time.

Pay by Instalments

You can choose to pay in full or by instalments.

Full Payment     

  • 25 September 2020

Two Instalments:

  • First Instalment 25 September 2020
  • Second Instalment 29 January 2021

Four Instalments:

  • First Instalment 25 September 2020
  • Second Instalment 27 November 2020
  • Third Instalment 29 January 2021
  • Fourth Instalment 1 April 2021

Note that Council has adopted a Financial Hardship Policy to help property owners experiencing financial hardship by:

  • Enabling property owners to apply for assistance relating to outstanding rates or service charges or sundry debts; and
  • Treating all people experiencing financial hardship in a fair and consistent manner.

 For more information, contact the Town's Rates Officers on 9377 8000 or mail@bassendean.wa.gov.au

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