Protecting Trees

Published on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 at 9:35:26 AM

To act on its commitment to create a green canopy of trees, the Town of Bassendean now requires developers to provide a certain number of trees per block.

Council adopted a new Local Planning Policy for Tree Retention and Provision on private property, which applies to: 

  • Assessment of mature trees on private property nominated for a Tree Preservation Order
  • All applications for subdivision involving residential-zoned land and/or residential development
  • All applications for development approval involving single houses and grouped dwellings worth $100,000 or more.

Developers will be required to incorporate at least one medium tree (or equivalent) for every 350m' of site area, with a minimum of one tree per lot. Trees must be installed before occupancy of the development and be at a minimum 2m high and 100-litre pot size.

Mayor Renée McLennan said the Town and community recognised the importance of trees due to their amenity, environmental and health benefits.

"Trees help us cool our suburbs, reduce air pollution, improve groundwater quality, provide habitats for wildlife, contribute to health & wellbeing as well as beautifying our Town," she said.

The new Policy also seeks to encourage the retention of existing trees on development sites to preserve important canopy cover.  Where trees are not retained, the Policy sets out the requirements for new trees. The Policy also provides a framework for assessing whether a tree should be subject to a Tree Preservation Order, which protects significant trees by providing a great level of legal protection.

Tree Retention and Provision Policy

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