Project update: Eden Hill Underground Power

Published on Wednesday, 7 October 2020 at 9:00:00 AM

A project to bring underground power to Eden Hill and nearby areas will be commencing in early 2021.

The Eden Hill Underground Power Project will replace older sections of Western Power’s metropolitan overhead electricity network with newer, more reliable underground power infrastructure with fewer power outages particularly after storms.

Having power underground means some street poles and wires will be removed, and new street lighting installed resulting in improved safety and appearance of the streets and neighbourhood making the area more attractive and raising property values.

The project will also open up more opportunities for emerging technologies, energy trading, electric vehicles, and Smart City strategies.

The cost for property owners within the project area will be $2,204 (+/-10%) per property. This cost is for a new underground residential consumer mains connection (the underground cable from the green plastic dome to your home) and will not be applicable for property owners with a pre-existing underground connection.

The Town is proposing to seek to recover its costs for this project from ratepayers through a service charge levied as part of its normal rating program over three years, commencing in 2021-22. Eligible property owners may get a discount under the Local Government Rates Rebate Scheme.

The Town of Bassendean will continue to advocate for underground power in the remaining parts of the Town.

For further information please refer to Western Power’s website

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