‘Power to the People’ to activate Bassendean Town Centre

Published on Monday, 7 February 2022 at 4:06:03 PM

Town of Bassendean has secured a RAC Reconnect WA funding partnership with the help of hundreds of RAC members and residents who supported and voted for a pilot project to reimagine the west end of Old Perth Road.

The project idea was developed following extensive community engagement for the Town Centre Masterplan that revealed 85% of residents desired a vibrant, active, and walkable town centre. ‘Power to the People’ focuses on redesigning and beautifying a portion of the high street in the Bassendean town centre.

The Town now has $100,000 of funding available, $80,000 from RAC and a $20,000 co-contribution from Council, to collaborate with businesses and residents to co-design, beautify and activate the streetscape in line with community aspirations.

This will culminate in a series of events and activities later this year and compliments the current refurbishment of the Bassendean Hotel located in the western precinct of Old Perth Road.

Mayor Kath Hamilton anticipates great outcomes as we collaborate with businesses and residents to deliver a vibrant program of activities.

“Empowering people to reimagine what our west end could look like and creating places with a vibe that attracts us to spend time in our Town Centre is at the heart of this wonderful project. It is very pleasing to build upon our Town Centre Masterplan, launched late last year, and with RAC’s help showcase some of the initiatives supported by our community.”

RAC’s Reconnect WA initiative aims to create vibrant streets and public spaces for Western Australians to interact and connect with each other.

For more information on the program please visit Reconnect WA | RAC WA

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