Media Release - Tavern Refusal

Published on Tuesday, 23 May 2023 at 12:00:00 PM

23 May 2023

Media release - Parking shortfall leads to Tavern refusal


At Tuesday night’s Council Meeting, Council resolved to refuse an application for development approval for a Tavern at 73-75 Old Perth Road, Bassendean.


The proposal generated significant local interest and at the close of the submission period, the Town received 603 submissions; 524 supporting the proposal and 79 objecting to the proposal.


The main concerns were around car parking, and Council determined that the departure to the policy standards was unacceptable, with the proposal involving the provision of only seven bays to service the proposed 300-person venue.


Mayor, Kathryn Hamilton said, “Whilst not an easy decision for Council, on balance, the proposal was deemed unacceptable on the basis that it provides insufficient car parking. Ultimately, Council is very keen to support any investment in our Town Centre but must balance the desire for activity and vibrancy with the need to provide appropriate car parking”.

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