Media Release - Local Planning Scheme 11

Published on Wednesday, 23 August 2023 at 1:56:35 PM

Media Release - New Scheme Gets The Green Light


At Tuesday night’s Council Meeting, Council resolved to support draft Local Planning Scheme No. 11; representing a major milestone towards the Town having a new local planning scheme to guide future subdivision and development in the district.


The draft Scheme was advertised for three months between April and July, which prompted over 400 submissions. The main issues raised were residential density, the lack of change proposed throughout Ashfield, the proposed zoning and reservation of land in and around Bindaring Park and tree protection. The matters were discussed in the officer’s 21-page report which recommended that Council support the draft scheme, subject to a series of modifications. That staff recommendation was broadly carried by Council, but with a small number of additional changes.


Mayor, Kathryn Hamilton welcomed the decision, saying, “This is a big step forward for the Town and one which will facilitate the Town growing to meet the aspirations of our engaged community – home to vibrant and active mixed use centres based around existing transport nodes and surrounded by suburban streets that reflect the history and heritage of the district. I would especially like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of the Town staff that invested a huge volume of work on this project over the past four years and to the community for providing over 400 submissions to the draft scheme.”


The draft scheme will now be forwarded to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage for further assessment, before being ultimately determined by the Minster for Planning, John Carey.

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