Historic turning point for the Town of Bassendean

Published on Monday, 29 November 2021 at 8:44:18 AM

In a pivotal moment for Bassendean, Council has adopted the Town Centre Masterplan, signalling a progressive new era as it heads towards a more thriving, inviting and accessible Town Centre for the future.

The masterplan was developed with in-depth public consultation over the past two years, and paves the way for integration of mixed-use development with pedestrian friendly streetscapes and enhanced green open spaces. With redevelopment of key Crown sites, a range of residential housing choices are envisaged plus commercial spaces and community facilities.

The masterplan contemplates up to an additional 2,000 dwellings within the precinct centred around the transport hubs of Bassendean and Success Hill train stations, and encourages overall economic and jobs growth in the area to increase town centre vibrancy consistent with what the community has been asking for.

It also showcases key projects on offer for community use including a Town centre multi-functional piazza connecting BIC Reserve to Old Perth Rd, a separate historical and cultural public space to the east that includes interpretive signage, artwork, improved amenity, and connection to the river complementing an overall pedestrian centred approach to the high street and beyond.

Mayor Kath Hamilton is pleased that council resolved to support this community led vision, stating,

“This is a significant body of work providing cohesive planning for future development in our Town centre. Many voices were heard through this process and the Town worked hard to consider and analyse all points of view. Whilst embracing our community’s vision for an attractive, vibrant Town Centre where heritage and green spaces are valued and retained, this detailed forward planning will integrate growth and development in well positioned locations to benefit generations to come.”

The Town of Bassendean is now seeking development proposals that align to the masterplan and encourages developers to work closely with the administration to find the best way forward.

Entrepreneur and business owner, Adam Kapinkoff (General Manager of the ARK Group), had an overwhelmingly positive experience working with the Town after deciding to invest $3 million into Old Perth Road through the purchase and redevelopment of the historic Bassendean Hotel.

“I’ve worked with a variety of local governments over the years and have found the Town to be exceptional in its forward thinking and progressive approach to planning and approvals. I’d encourage anyone looking for their next venture to consider investing in the future of this Town Centre."

You can download the Town Centre Masterplan here.

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