Court Conviction for Unlawful Tree Removal

Published on Thursday, 22 October 2020 at 9:00:00 AM

Earlier this week, the Town of Bassendean secured a successful conviction for the “unlawful removal of a tree” on a street verge in Bassendean.  The resident of the property was convicted in her absence at Midland Magistrates’ Court pursuant to section 55 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2004. The Court imposed a penalty of $2,000 and ordered the accused to pay the Town’s costs in the amount of $1,409.70 within 28 days of the date of conviction.

The above action demonstrates Council’s commitment to the preservation and growth of the Town’s tree canopy.  The high value our community places on trees was reinforced in 2019 through an extensive community engagement exercise involving over 3000 interactions.  Since then, Council has planted over 1000 trees in Ashfield, Eden Hill and other parts of the Town and amended planning policies to protect and promote trees.   

If you have any information regarding the damage or removal of trees in our parks, reserves or verges please report  to the Town of Bassendean by emailing or phoning 9377 8000

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