Council adopts new sustainability policy

Published on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at 1:10:28 PM

Leading the way in environmental sustainability, Council adopted an improved Sustainable Development Policy at the May Ordinary Council Meeting, with a focus on increased provision of sustainability features for new developments within the Town.

The new provisions are the result of a review of existing Local Planning Policies, originally only applied to split density coded areas, that will now apply more broadly to all applications for development approval throughout the Town, including:

  • A presumption against of dark roofs with a solar absorbance >0.5
  • Installation of a minimum 3kw solar system
  • Installation of a rainwater tank / grey water system
  • Provision for a (future) electric vehicle charger

In combination with the Town's Tree Retention and Provision Policy (LPP 13), this will deliver significantly cooler and more sustainable housing whilst contributing to overall sustainability and carbon emissions targets set by the Town.

Mayor Kath Hamilton is pleased to see the progressive policy direction,

“The design and development choices of residential buildings constructed today will remain a feature of our Town for decades to come. It is important to encourage development of housing that will provide long term environmental benefits now and into the future. The added bonus relates to the ongoing financial savings for residents occupying new housing developments with sustainability features.”

The new requirements will apply to all relevant applications for new developments in residential zoned land lodged on or after 1st of July 2022.


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