Bassendean Green Trail Evaluation Reveals Significant Community Benefits

Published on Monday, 13 November 2023 at 8:29:00 AM

The Department of Transport has recently published their evaluation report for the Bassendean Green Trail Pilot Project, which showcases tangible benefits within the community and suggests the potential to apply learnings elsewhere.

A collaborative initiative involving the Town of Bassendean, Department of Transport, and Main Roads WA, the Bassendean Green Trail aimed to integrate path infrastructure with local surroundings, incorporating native landscaping into the Success Hill to Railway Parade principal shared path.

With the engagement of a landscape architect and help from the Bassendean community to bed down 6,000 plants, a scenic walking and riding environment was created, providing much-needed shade for users.

The project also facilitated the installation of a digital art trail, serving as a platform for young, local artists to showcase their work and offering points of interest for trail users.

The aesthetically pleasing and green environment of the trail promotes active transport, encouraging people to walk, wheel and ride.

Bassendean Green Trail's success suggest similar projects could be effective elsewhere. The evaluation summary underlines unanimous support for the implementation of green routes along active transport pathways.

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