Attracting Investment

Published on Thursday, 25 June 2020 at 11:59:00 AM

To encourage investment in the Town of Bassendean, developers are no longer required to pay a bond of up to $5,000 for completion of works.

Until now, the Town has required a monetary bond as a condition of development approval to ensure works associated with the development are completed prior to the issue of a Building Permit. The premise was to incentivise the completion of any works required by conditions of development approval -- landscaping, reticulation and parking areas -- and the bond amount is not returned to the developer until the works are completed to the Town’s satisfaction.

At its meeting this week, the Council Policy 1.17 – Development Bonds Policy – Compliance With Conditions of Planning Consent was revoked. Removing the bond reduces the outlays for developers and improves the viability of projects.

The requirement to comply with conditions will instead by achieved via the enforcement provisions under the Planning and Development Act 2005, and the need for some conditions to be met prior to obtaining a Building Permit.  The Town will also continue to undertake monitoring and compliance of ongoing conditions such as hours of operation.

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