Ashfield Flats Boardwalk

Published on Friday, 23 June 2023 at 12:40:00 PM

The Town of Bassendean would like to thank the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the Western Australian Planning Commission for their partnership with the recent project to replace the decking on the Ashfield Flats Boardwalk.

107 metres of existing boards and kick rail were replaced with new 200mm x 40mm x 3m jarrah boards, equating to approximately 550 boards in total.

Being a longstanding attraction in Bassendean, the boardwalk is very well used by the local community and visitors to the Town who enjoy the views of native vegetation, river and wildlife.

Ashfield Flats Boardwalk

A bit of history from the Bassendean Preservation Group

The boardwalk was originally envisaged in the 1980s using planks of wood but in 1994 the Bassendean Preservation Group was awarded a City Landcare (NLP) Grant for foreshore protection works on the Ashfield Flats which included the construction of a brand-new timber boardwalk over the Chapman Street Main Drain with some educational signage.

The 70m long boardwalk was constructed by a Skillshare work team, and soon after was extended a further 5m by BPG members, Ted & Carlle Bentley. Three sign boards were also erected alongside the completed boardwalk, one of which remains in 2023 containing paintings of birds by local artist Peter Melling. 

There was an official launch on 28 October 1996, officiated by Stephen Smith, MP for Perth and Dr. Judy Edwards, MLA and then Minister for Environment in WA.   

The establishment of the first boardwalk led to the construction of a trafficable path over the adjacent Kitchener Road Main Drain and a bituminised path that opened the Ashfield Flats to the wider community.

By 2001 the original boardwalk was replaced and while it was still in good condition, the new one as it stands today was widened to allow wheelchairs to pass and included safety rails on each side.

Ashfield Flats Boardwalk


The boardwalk is located within Ashfield Flats, the largest remaining river-flat in the Perth metropolitan area. Pedestrian access to the boardwalk is via the foreshore path from Sandy Beach Reserve, Hardy Road carpark or the Roy Hookway platform (steps from Ashfield Parade). The site sits within a flood plain along the Swan River and is listed as Bush Forever site No. 214 and named in the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia.

Ashfield Flats Boardwalk Map

More Information

For updates on the Ashfield Flats Master Plan development (being coordinated by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) please visit Ashfield Flats Master Plan | Social Pinpoint (

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