What's On

Collect your free Town of Bassendean Nature Passport from Bassendean Memorial Library, or the Power to the People Activation from 24 September- 9 October, Old Perth Road, Bassendean (available from the Waste and Sustainability stall on weekdays, excluding the public holiday and Saturdays 9am- 1pm).

All children who complete the six activities in the Nature Passport and return it during the Activation will receive a Nature Champion badge.  You will also receive entry into the draw to win a family pass to Caversham Wildlife Park. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Competition Details- closing 9 October 2022.

Use the Nature Passport to explore nature in the Town of Bassendean, play, create, imagine, look closer and have some fun with your friends and family.

  • Try new nature activities.
  • Journal your adventures.
  • Record the wildlife you come across.
  • Tick off our list of ‘15 things to do’.

Flip forward to your Activity Map to see the six activity locations, then find the corresponding activity page and get stuck in!

Please find below links providing additional information on the '15 things to do' listed in the Nature Passport.

7. Complete the EMRC Significant Tree Quest

8. Explore the digital Bassendean Green Trail Gallery

9. Visit the outdoor Bassendean Gallery

10. Join a local community group or club

14. Find your closest Little Free Library