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Enjoy a selection of stories that have been told by local residents.

These are all stories about the place in which we live

Below is a selection of stories from the community. Each story is around two minutes long and all start with the words “I remember when…..”

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Ben Ludlow – Cars

Ben Ludlow – Football

Jan Addison – Shooting at the Ashfield Tavern

Lenny McLeod – AshfieldCAN

Lucy Bromell – Meeting Roy

Marion Cahill – The rope swing

Maurice Bradley – Bomby rope

Quita Berry – Dad Falling

Quita Berry – Almost drowning

Quita Berry – Lolly Factory

Ben Ludlow - Vulcan Bombers

Charlie Howard - Growing up in Ashfield

Geoff Addison - Ashfield Flats

Leo Travers - Hardy Road

If you have a story to tell that you would like to add to the “I remember when…” collection, please contact the AshfieldCAN at for more information.




The stories below are small sections of interviews done with local residents. These Oral histories are housed in the Local Studies Collection at the Town of Bassendean Library.

Again, these stories have connection to this place.

The Local Studies collection has a large selection of stories that are by people that have had an impact on the community of Bassendean and Ashfield.

To hear more of these stories please contact the Town of Bassendean Library.

Peter Munro - Ashfield in the early days

(For the Full interview please contact the Town of Bassendean Library)


John Van Hoek - The Ashfield Sports Club and Soccer

(For the Full interview please contact the Town of Bassendean Library)