Community Listing for Anzac Terrace Primary School


(08) 9352 2600
176 Anzac Terrace Bassendean WA 6054

Anzac Terrace prides itself on being a caring school which offers a supportive environment for all children.

Our main focus, of course, is the academic development of the children who attend our school, and we have a strong academic programme which focuses on ensuring children are taught the necessary knowledge and skills which will be assets to them in the future.

In addition, we have developed a strong social skills programme, which is aimed at ensuring the children become respectful and respected citizens in our community.

We have a strong and consistent behaviour management programme which rewards those children who strive to achieve and demonstrate responsible behaviour; it provides clear guidelines as to which behaviours are unacceptable, as well as outlining clear consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

All children have the opportunity to work towards becoming members of the “GREEN CLUB”, membership in which brings substantial benefits. To find out more about our school download a copy of our School Brochure.

Anzac Terrace Primary School is:

- A nut aware school
- An asthma friendly school
- A Waterwise school